Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beware the 'Phantom' Squad.

Traffic Police last used 'Phantom' patrol cars (ordinary private cars) in 2004 to enforce road safety by keeping a 'private' eye on errand motorists to ensure that traffic rules and regulations are obeyed and also deter speeding and dangerous driving on the road. Revival of Enforcement by unmarked police cars will certainly curb accidents and would be offenders will definitely show more courtesy and consideration to other road users for fear of being caught red-handed this time, anywhere and everywhere at anytime.
This latest move by the Traffic Police is certainly most welcomed, especially with the increase in vehicle population, more massive traffic jams are expected along highways, excessive overcrowding, ugly congestions and even more frequent daily road accidents occuring everywhere. This offensive will be treated very seriously, especially by taxi drivers as they are on the roads practically 24 hours a day throughout the island, and it will certainly not be in their interests to run foul of any sort of traffic offences which will ultimately result in heavy loss of income.
With this 'private eye' in operation, I will have to learn to be extra vigilant, extra careful, extra patient and to show extra courtesy in my working environment from now on. 

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