Monday, October 17, 2011


Taking things for granted can be disastrous, in this case, especially so for women, even if its only going to take a short while, like going to your neighbourhood 'kopitiam', food centres to grab a bite or to 'tar-pau' food home, or going to nearby sundry shops, to buy some necessities for example, it would be to your best interests to continue to look beautiful and stay attractive to your loved ones at all times and still be as competitive against unknown rivals who may find it easier to attract, or possibly, even snare away your 'sometimes' weak or straying beloved. The way you dress up, the way you look, whether presentable or not in public, is very important.
These days, I have observed, very noticeably, how awful, unkempt, dishevelled and sometimes even untidy in some women's appearances, particularly married ones, who tend to disregard the need to continue looking good and stay attractive. And also to those supposedly acknowledged as special girlfriends, who believe that they and their husbands or boyfriends are already confirmed belonging to them forever in their relationships, can one day be sadly mistaken.

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