Monday, October 31, 2011

Just Do It !

Wow! I feel on top of the world after taking a short break. I think it is important for all of us to step on the brakes occasionally, like giving yourself an 'interval' time, you know what I mean, take easy, be with yourself and do the things you always wanted to do instead of always putting it off saying "Cannot leh", "Maybe next time lor" or "No time lah" and all that jazz, they are but lame excuses. It will really do you a whole lot of good, to just do it, don't just try, because whatever negative and unnecessary thoughts you may have, its actually, all in the mind. Most of us take a lot of things for granted in our lives, you have no idea, but it is dangerous, it is the biggest mistake you may make till its too late. Remember, we are all the same, irregardless of whoever or whatever we may be, we never fail but constantly keep trying to achieve and reach high expectations, look here, be practical and don't cause yourselves more unnecessary stress. I may only be an ordinary taxi driver, but believe you me, it is more important, it is truly pleasurable and rewarding if you always keep striving to be happy.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Short Interval.

Needed a short break, so I decided to spend some time at Universal Studios (RWS) on Saturday, from 1.30pm to 7.00pm. By the time I got home, I was too tired to write. I had only about 3 hours of sleep in the late morning. Today is Sunday and I have overslept, just got up about 5pm. I am going out for dinner now and maybe later go for a ride on the Flyer and just relax a bit more, anyway, the ride is free for all Singapore taxi drivers for the whole month of October and tomorrow is the last free day. Maybe after getting refreshed, I might go and work for a few hours (OT) and try to earn some money to at least cover a bit of taxi rentals for two 'off' days. Will be writing again tomorrow folks, so don't go away.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Quiet and Boring day.

Yesterday was not a good working day for me. Somehow, commuters seem to do the 'disappearing' act. Luckily, I managed to collect enough to cover my taxi rental and diesel costs, leaving me with a little bit of pocket money for food and drinks. It was one of those rare days where you keep driving around or park and wait at empty taxi stands seeking passengers but none comes your way. This could be due to continuous rainy weather which we have been experiencing lately, including flash floods and inevitable heavy traffic jams occuring in many parts of the island. This time of the year usually makes us work extra harder because commuters caught in the rain, often get drenched and wet when they board our taxis and therefore, when we stop work, theres a lot of cleaning up to be done. Anyway, it was a very dull and boring run for me, so I decided to close shop early, clean up and head home.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Undeniably 'Celeb' Personality.

I fetched a 20 year old young Vietnamese lady from Bukit Panjang Plaza taxi stand at about 9.30pm last night, and she wanted to go to Yishun MRT. She told me that she is a first year student studying at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) at Clementi Road. She was carrying a plastic container of fish porridge which she bought for her friend, also a Vietnamese, not her boyfriend but a schoolmate who was having a flu. I told her that she was a very kind and helpful person, and she said her friend is quite lonely and did not have many friends in Singapore. As we chatted, I was very surprised to learn that she is Vietnam's reigning Chess Champion, a Celebrity. I felt excited and honoured to have her company and throughout the journey, I was asking her lots of questions, like a sports interviewer from a media company. At journey's end, after the usual giving and receiving gestures, we bade farewell. As I drove off, I thought, she was such an interesting passenger, not because of her present status, and I admired her when I learnt further that with money she won and saved through Chess competitions in Vietnam, she is able to support and pursue her education abroad independently. She has a compassionate heart, kind and intelligent with an independent and ambitious personality.    

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Fruitful Work Day.

Yesterday was one of the 5 pre-holidays per year whereby a surcharge of $1.00 from 5pm till the following day 12 midnight per trip is being charged. This bonus incentive is only for eves of Deepavali, Hari Raya Puasa, Christmas and 2 eves for Chinese New Year. It was an exceptional working day for me, though very tiring, as I managed to collect fares up to $220.00 for driving exactly eight hours non-stop, at the expense of foregoing my regular break, which I forgot entirely. My nett income, after deducting my daily shift rental of $43.00 and yesterday's cost of diesel at $30.00 was a good $147.00. It was just 'driving' work and nothing extra-ordinary or specially eventful happened throughout the day, except for the fact that there were many eager commuters available every where I go. Little India, colourfully lighted up, and very, very crowded with mostly Indians doing their last minute shoppings and also countless tourists with their cameras clicking away was indeed a carnival sight to behold. Today, the Singaporean Indians together with other Indian Nationals, especially the Hindus, celebrate their New Year, the Festival of Lights. As for me, I wonder if it will again be another fruitful working day, only this time, I must not forget to take my regular break.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Festival of Lights"

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, especially all my Indian friends and followers a very "HAPPY DEEPAVALI 2011".  Its a great time to celebrate and get together with family and friends.

Monday, October 24, 2011

What's for dinner?

Taxi drivers are the ones you want to look for when it comes to 'food talk'. What's good, Where's best and Price for your favourite dish. For instance, if you ask me, "Uncle, where can I find good Char Kway Teow?" I'll tell you "Why, of course, the one at Margaret Drive, its world best!" Yes, its my favourite Char Kway Teow stall, everyday there's a standard long queue of at least more than 10 hungry souls waiting in line from around 5pm to 10pm. Its the truth, I eat there once or twice a week. However, this stall has presently been relocated at Telok Blangah Crescent, opp. Mount Faber Safra. For your detailed information, visit  If you have not eaten there before, check it out one of these days, you'll not regret it. Taxi drivers' talk and chat more about food and also places of interests whenever they gather together for their meals at coffee shops or during their short breaks.  Another interesting 'pointer' as to where good and often much cheaper food to be found, is to look out for clusters of taxis parked near eating places.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Honesty is always the best policy.

I was parked first in the queue at Bukit Panjang Plaza's taxi stand at 11.45pm last night when 3 young people boarded my cab. Two ladies and a guy wanted to go to 3 different places, 2 to Yishun and the last one to Ang Mo Kio. During the journey, they were chatting away happily about 2 different wedding arrangements for 2 of them early next year. I could not help but enjoyed listening to their plans which were very interesting. Reaching Yishun, before St.11, one of the ladies alighted followed by the guy who alighted further up near Ave.6, leaving the last one to go to Ang Mo Kio.
Travelling along Yishun Ave.2 and upon reaching Lentor Avenue near the reservoir, my passenger requested to alight  at the approaching first bus stop. I was surprised and asked her why she wanted to alight at the bus stop, as it was already past midnight, I did'nt think there would be any more last buses. She replied, "Uncle, I don't have enough money for the fare, I only have $16.00 with me". I said, "Oh, is that why you want to stop here? Where do you live?",  "Ang Mo Kio Ave.4" she said, so I continued driving without stopping, telling her not to worry, its okay, I would still drive her home. She declined and kept apologising but I insisted and drove her safely home.
She was still apologetic when we arrived at Ave.4, thanked me again as she handed me the $16.00 fare, which should have been $23.60 shown on the meter. I still said, don't worry, don't apologise, wished her goodnight and to take care of herself as I drove off.
I could not possibly just leave her at the deserted bus stop, alone and with no more funds, what was she going to do. She was a sincere and honest person by telling me the truth and not even thinking of taking advantage of me, and I was happy to have been a good 'samaritan' this night.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Shock and Shame.

Shocking! and Inhuman! Murder of an innocent 2 year old toddler in China. Are we living in a supposedly civilized world? Recent anger, outrage and pain from people all over the world watching the video of the ugly and brutal murder that took place in China has been the talk of the town. All my passengers have been shocked and saddened that such a thing can even happen in this present age, and voiced out against the 'could not careless attitude' of the 17 people passing by the badly injured and crumpled body of the little girl without even lifting an 'eyelid' let alone help. The poor little girl died today. I feel very sad and ashamed. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Unavoidable !

At 11.30pm last night, I picked up a young man, a Chinese National, along Lorong 17 Geylang and he wanted to go to Tanah Merah Kechil in Bedok. He seemed quite sober when he boarded my cab and sat in the front passenger seat. But, as soon as I turned right to go on Sim's Avenue, he started showing signs of 'puking'. I immediately opened my dashboard glove box and took out a plastic bag for his disposal should he puke, and he did just that. I was lucky to be swift enough to prevent my cab from getting into a smelly mess I thought, but when I switched on my front ceiling light, I was utterly dismayed to see his jeans covered with damp-like puke stains along his upper thigh region and then that sickening liquor smell came on. At that moment I felt like stopping my taxi to ask him to alight, but I just could not, instead, I stepped on the gas and drove faster.
All this while, he was coughing and puking, a little at a time continuously. I quickly grabbed another plastic bag for him just in case the first bag gets filled up. I also wound down my two front windows slightly to let in some fresh air. All along, my mind was just in full concentration in driving fast till I reached his destination. I parked alongside the road kerb, his metered fare showed exactly $11.00. He fumbled and dug out from his damp pants (3) crumpled and slightly wet $2.00 notes and a single fiver and paid me, and without a word, alighted from my cab and walked off in a dazed manner.
After he left, I was very annoyed to see wet stains with tiny white food particles covering the top of the whole seat. I parked my cab further up the road at an empty space and spent about 20 minutes cleaning up the passenger seat, and finally sprayed at least half a cannister of air freshener inside my cab before I drove away. It was just after midnight, I decided to call it a day.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The "Comforter".

Quote, "To err is human and to forgive, divine." Late last night, I fetched a 'single-mother' passenger from Bukit Panjang to Henderson Road. She was a sweet and vibrant 23 year old divorcee and mother of a 1 year old daughter, and we talked about her Life's 'unfair' treatment.
I could sense the anger and trauma she is going through, like a nightmare as she spoke. I felt sad for her to be in such a predicament and told her to accept and try hard to forget and forgive to whatever has already happened. I said it is not something easy to do nor overcome, but she is still young and will have the strength, the enthusiasm needed to carry on with her life once again, to be happy and afresh.
There were lots of questions and answers and I gave her assurances and advised her accordingly. She was happy and relieved to have let out her anger and frustrations to a stranger, a willing listener and 'counsellor', and when we reached her destination, she wished she could stay on longer in my cab and not alight. We wished each other goodnight, and as I drove off, I felt good to be able to help lift up her spirits and encouraged her to look forward to a bright and better future ahead.
It is easier to release 'kept' anger and frustrations as well as hidden problems, to a total stranger, such as a taxi driver whom nobody knows, and come away feeling a whole lot better, refreshed and anew. I always feel good to be an unlikely needed 'comforter'.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Driving a taxi for more than ten years has made me become a natural or maybe even an 'expert' in starting and engaging in conversations with my passengers or for that matter with almost anyone and anywhere. Making my passengers laugh, creating a happy and friendly atmosphere in my 'office', at least once in one way or another, is an interest in which I look forward to create each new day at work.
Everyday, I look forward to listening to all kinds of stories, happy and sad events, learn about new and exciting happenings, about working life, family life, love and romance and each individuals woes and aspirations in life. Its always a learning experience to know something new which I sometimes never thought existed.
Let me put it this way, its like going to school, attending different classes in lessons from unknown lectures from the 'University of Life'. So you see, my particular vocation in the service line is truly exhilarating, beneficial and satisfying for me. Who would have thought being a Taxi Operator is more than just a simple driver or a mere service provider.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Taking things for granted can be disastrous, in this case, especially so for women, even if its only going to take a short while, like going to your neighbourhood 'kopitiam', food centres to grab a bite or to 'tar-pau' food home, or going to nearby sundry shops, to buy some necessities for example, it would be to your best interests to continue to look beautiful and stay attractive to your loved ones at all times and still be as competitive against unknown rivals who may find it easier to attract, or possibly, even snare away your 'sometimes' weak or straying beloved. The way you dress up, the way you look, whether presentable or not in public, is very important.
These days, I have observed, very noticeably, how awful, unkempt, dishevelled and sometimes even untidy in some women's appearances, particularly married ones, who tend to disregard the need to continue looking good and stay attractive. And also to those supposedly acknowledged as special girlfriends, who believe that they and their husbands or boyfriends are already confirmed belonging to them forever in their relationships, can one day be sadly mistaken.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Winds of Change.

Gigantic ''Waves of Changes' is presently brewing in Singapore.
On the scene, Hefty restrictions to curb the mushrooming of Money Lenders' and their undesirable activities, similar to Loan Sharking are being implemented, starting with the ban on advertisements in local newspapers which have seen hundreds of ads. in recent months, many misleading, making its appearances daily.
Next, we have the 'noose' tightening up Smokers' pleasures by more and even more restricted 'No Smoking' areas everywhere. I daresay a 'Smoke Free' Singapore is inevitable in the not too distant future.

Problem gambling is now being heavily scrutinized and studies to control and to prevent an outbreak in the destruction of Locals are in sight. The outcome I suppose, will result from more future debates, forums and surveys. Presently, with the Mass Rapid Transport, (MRT), Circle Line in full operation, teething problems which have already appeared, and have yet to be tackled and made good, is currently making headlines involving human traffic jams. More changes, controls and new Laws will soon be hatching.    

Friday, October 14, 2011

Popular Singlish Phrases.

The usual familiar replies I often get from almost all my Singaporean passengers for my casual questions, come in short and crisp singlish phrases. For example, if I were to ask "Do you work this late everyday?" the answers would be, "Yes lor" or "Aiyah, what to do" or "No choice leh". These are some of the many short phrases that are commonly used by most Singaporeans.
Other famous and popular phrases which I hear everyday whilst at work are as follows: "Aiyoh, where got time", "No time leh", "Got to rush" or "In a hurry", "Very jialat leh", "Very stressed" and lots more. Singaporeans may seem to be an impatient and complaining lot, but then again, we have also visibly shown tremendous patience and discipline each time we line up in a long queue to wait our turn at taxi stands, Atm machines, ticketing booths or at shopping malls.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Marathon of Life.

The speed at which we live our lives nowadays is going past us too fast. After every weekend that we have just spent each week, we find ourselves facing the next weekend almost immediately. We will always try to seek for more time which is never there for us to finish our chores or to engage in newer activities. The pace is too scary, alarming to say the least, and before we know it, more and more numbers are added to our age.
Its very true, we Singaporeans have an exceedingly high expectation of life. From the very beginning, during our younger days, as early as 3 years of age, we are pushed to excel well in our studies for a start, systematically followed by numerous and unending tuition classes in this and that, as well as to participate in all sorts of sports and musical activities.
This lifestyle continues steadily on till we fully complete our education. With a piece or maybe more educational certificates, paper testimonials, we begin on our tedious journey into our second phase in life, which is even more hectic. Work, more work, pay, better pay, jobs, better jobs, will be the order of our monotonous tasks to achieve and attain a better lifestyle for our future. From then on, we start to catch up with time which does not and will not slow down at all. In our quests for excellence and a better future, we have altogether forgotten about the importance of the quality of life.
Stop and relax awhile........... have a thought.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bird watching.

It would be interesting to hang around the Orchard Road area near The Heeren or The Paragon between 6.30pm to 7.00pm to watch what the hawks or falcons can do to frighten away or relocate the nearly 5,000 smaller birds, mostly mynahs and starlings living there. Noisy chirpings and droppings from the large number of birds around this area have been a huge nuisance especially to shoppers, vehicles and people walking by.
Bird droppings on my taxi if not washed away immediately can be difficult to remove when it dries up, so just imagine when these aerial terrorists start to drop bombs on you, its  just devastating. I will be bringing my umbrella, just in case, to see this 'live' action of Nature's act of war. I feel sorry for residents living in whichever area when the large families of birds pick for their new homes.   

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On the look-out.

Yesterday was quite a fun working day as I kept a constant watch over vehicles all around me to try and spot an unmarked Traffic Police car. Unfortunately, there were none to be seen anywhere during the whole period of my shift. I was on the lookout for vehicles with the QX number plates as they are officially known to belong to Traffic Police vehicles.
All this while, I was also particularly aware of Traffic rules and regulations lest I be caught violating any one of them whilst trying to be on the look out for one. It was not an easy task trying to spot them, at the same time keeping an eye on the road during the peak hours, due to heavy traffic movements.
At the end of the day, I realised how tiring it was to be a private eye. I guess its more profitable for me to be on the look out for potential passengers instead of wasting my time and energy trying to spot an elusive 'Phantom'.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sex Blogs?

Recently, a woman Blogger made headlines with her porn-like video showing her kneeling in front of a guy and trying to take off his pants to suggest her sexual intentions in a short video uploaded to Youtube. Shocking and tasteless in her bid to attract readership to her blog which garnered 40 to 50 thousand hits in a day from sex starved readers trying to satisfy their lusts. Woman Blogger, Ms. Peggy Heng readily admits her whore style intention to grab attention, knowing very well that it must cause sensational outbursts from netizens which will eventually benefit her monetarily. She has put her reputation at stake to earn an income but unknowingly, she has also invited sex predators to her doorsteps. Other women bloggers like Ms. Wendy Cheng and Ms. Melissa Faith Yeo (Boob-job Blogger) are also using sexual modes to attract and popularise themselves.
Its true, people get turned off or are simply not attracted to serious and dry topics which can be dull and boring. Being a taxi driver, I have listened to my passengers, discussed about all things personal and sexual unabashly, such as counselling and giving advice to those faced with marriage breakdowns, adulteries, cheating partners, assaults, sexual failures and lots more. I may post about true sexual encounters with my passengers, some even lurid to cause sensationalism in my future blogs, what do you think? Should I?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beware the 'Phantom' Squad.

Traffic Police last used 'Phantom' patrol cars (ordinary private cars) in 2004 to enforce road safety by keeping a 'private' eye on errand motorists to ensure that traffic rules and regulations are obeyed and also deter speeding and dangerous driving on the road. Revival of Enforcement by unmarked police cars will certainly curb accidents and would be offenders will definitely show more courtesy and consideration to other road users for fear of being caught red-handed this time, anywhere and everywhere at anytime.
This latest move by the Traffic Police is certainly most welcomed, especially with the increase in vehicle population, more massive traffic jams are expected along highways, excessive overcrowding, ugly congestions and even more frequent daily road accidents occuring everywhere. This offensive will be treated very seriously, especially by taxi drivers as they are on the roads practically 24 hours a day throughout the island, and it will certainly not be in their interests to run foul of any sort of traffic offences which will ultimately result in heavy loss of income.
With this 'private eye' in operation, I will have to learn to be extra vigilant, extra careful, extra patient and to show extra courtesy in my working environment from now on. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Dark Clouds Looming.

I wonder what's going to happen to members of a family when they have to decide, or ballot among themselves as to who really needs to use a vehicle badly, or for that matter who has to give up his or her vehicle first, if what the Government's recent hint becomes a reality in the near future.
At present, it is not uncommon for a middle-income household to own three or maybe four vehicles. Already complains of lack of carparks in HDB estates have recently been making the news together with gripes of daily traffic congestions and jams getting worse each day. These are serious problems we face today and whatever remedies there are in store for us, it is still going to cause a lot of discontent and resentment among us. In simple words, as citizens of an affluent society, with very high expectations, and living in land-scarce Singapore, with its population still growing steadily, I think all of us better brace ourselves for an even greater onslaught of all sorts of future unforeseen problems yet to come.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Its all in the mind.

After I introduced myself as a taxi blogger to this lady whom I picked up at SGH (Singapore General Hospital), she immediately exclaimed "Uncle, wow. I am amazed, at your age you are IT savvy". She said her mother who is 67, whom she was visiting, is suffering from depression and is presently being looked after in the hospital, is my age. She told me that her mother is afraid to use high tech mobile phones, let alone a computer.
You know, many of my passengers were surprised and have shown astonishment when they learn that I am blogging and trying to do it everyday. Honestly, if we want to try to learn or do something new, something out of this world, we can, when we immediately set our minds to it, start learning how, and then  finally DO IT. The thing is this, if we think we are old, then we become old. Learn to understand that 'its all in the mind' to anything and everything and we are on our way. Fear of the unknown has always put us off from trying or experiencing new adventures. Shying off from doing things new and old is actually, to put it simply, LAZINESS, thats what it is, the Truth and nothing but the Truth.
To write blogs everyday is not an easy thing to do but I try my best, and in so doing, I find that I have improved in my typing speed, learnt more new vocabularies and putting them into use, my memory cells are put to strenous test daily when trying to remember more details and storing them till called upon for usage. I sense that I am more alert in doing things and wanting to learn more of everything, but the only trouble is, I don't seem to find enough TIME to do so.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Three letter words.

For your information, the population of Singapore is 5.18 million today, and very soon in the near future, it will reach the Govt planned figure of 6.5 million. I dread to think of what it will be like, imagine driving my taxi at a snail's pace in future, (no more speed limits). With increasing road congestions and traffic jams so common nowadays, on roads not having enough future space for further widenings, due to scarcity of land to accomodate the increasing volume of vehicles.
I think the Authorities will definitely approach its famous ways by firstly creating more new (3)-letter words to try to curb vehicle growth. "Walau, (BTH) 'buay tah han' liao!
Limit the release of Certificates of Entitlement (COE), increasing Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates, which is at present already too high, raise Road taxes and every other additionals involving motor vehicles. Maybe having two or even three 'tiered' highways and more tunnels are other possible alternatives don't you think? At least these suggestions may deter or prevent some of the imminent drastic changes foreseeable in the near future..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Unselfish Acts.

This is one particular trip I will not forget.
I was hailed by this pretty young lady along Thomson Road late last night around 11.30pm, and she wanted to go to Ang Moh Kio St.44. Along the way, we started talking generally about working life. She said she was on leave today and that she works in a handphone retail shop in Sim Lim Square. Her straightforward information started me asking lots of questions about mobile phones. She did not feel irritated at all, instead responded to my queries in a happy fashion, about the latest iPhone4 model which I was carrying and she too had a similar one.
You see, I have yet to learn how to manage the many functions it has and she told me for exanple, how to prolong battery life, turn off activities which I don't use, cost of phone accessories, like battery chargers, leather coverings, how to make free calls through Skype and so many other things. The information she gave me was so interesting and comprehensive, all of which I was totally unaware of. She was so kind to offer to help me with certain adjustments to my mobile as soon as we reached her destination. When we arrived, she was so thoughtful by asking to allow her to pay the fare first and thereafter she immediately started working on my handphone, deleting and updating datas, at the same time, instructing me on how to perform and activate certain functions with the handphone which I needed to know. She was very knowledgeable and tremendously helpful, but most of all, she was very patient. I thanked her and was very grateful to her for helping me make adjustments to my mobile. As soon as I began driving away, I suddenly felt so lousy and ungrateful for having collected the taxi fare from her earlier after what she had done for me.
I am truly blessed to be able to meet, get to know and ferry so many beautiful passengers aboard my taxi everyday.  

Monday, October 3, 2011

Friendly Laughter.

Its funny but true, the very first passenger that I fetch always determine what kind of day I will be getting into. There are the good, the bad and the ugly.
Almost all passengers I get are the good but last week, I fetched a very delightful and bubbly lady passenger whom I picked up at the Lucky Plaza taxi stand and she wanted to go to Pasir Ris St.11. She was different, I was totally entertained by her with her continuous wit and humour which kept me laughing all the way to her destination. She was a very happy person, she made my day. How I wish I can have the same with at least one commuter a day.
I try my best everyday to make every passenger laugh, chuckle and giggle and smile a bit by engaging them in friendly interesting conversations and you will be surprised, almost all will respond in the same way telling me even more livelier anecdotes, their lifestyles, experiences good, bad and sad stories, what kind of day they had and what will come next for tomorrow.
Once they open up, we chat as if we have been friends for ages. I have always enjoyed friendly gestures, laughter and chit chats with people from all over the world for we are brothers and sisters no matter what we are, who we are or where we come from.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fabulous Rewards !

Last night as I waited at the Clarke Quay Taxi stand behind three other stationary taxis, I was pleasantly surprised by a young lady who tapped on my left passenger seat window and gestured to want to talk to me. I wound down my left window and she handed me a pamphlet, telling me that every taxi driver is entitled to a FREE ride on the Singapore Flyer upon presentation of our identification tag from now till the end of this month 31st, Oct. 2011. Each subsequent guest we are allowed to bring will also be entitled to a 25% discount for up to 4 persons. She continued and said smilingly, Singapore Flyer Pte. Ltd. is pleased to offer all taxi drivers in Singapore a FREE flight to reward us for all our hard work. This is indeed a kind and wonderful gift I thought. She urged me to grab this rare chance to bring my family to this latest lifestyle destination, with exciting views, 'edutainment', food and lots of fun. "Everyday?" I asked in disbelief, and she lighted up saying, "Yes, its the truth, no joke, except for only one ride per day, everyday till the end of the month". I said "Really?, thank you very, very much, thank you!" Just then, I had to move on in front to pick up a waiting lady commuter. After ferrying my passenger to Orchard Hotel, I stopped to read the colourful pamphlet given to me earlier and it contained every single word told to me, its true, its real.
Well, well, well, I must say, as a taxi driver we do sometimes get bonuses and surprise 'perks' from kind and friendly well wishers. I have not yet been on board the Flyer and I am excited, maybe tomorrow I'll take a break and go 'Relak" for a while. "Waa, Shiok man! this time, I can really enjoy my coffee breaks everyday in the air, Oh, how sweet it is!"