Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To catch a cab.

When I don't stop my taxi after being flagged by potential commuters along the roadsides, most often than not, I will be shown the 'fist', or the 'third finger' or even get spat at.
The reason why I don't stop is firstly because, my taxi is already been hired and commuters are not aware and cannot see clearly as I drive past them.
Secondly, I may have the 'On Call' sign or other relevant signs such as 'Changing Shift', 'Not for Hire' or other location names sign which is displayed clearly on my vehicle's windshield. I don't blame them for showing anger because the signs may not be visibly understood as I drive past at certain speeds. I know what its like to be ignored when we have been waiting for so long and feeling very frustrated trying to catch a cab. Yes, I know too, because I myself need to catch a cab when I am not on shift and in a hurry to go somewhere urgently.
The problem usually occurs during 'peak hours' when folks are rushing home after work, after dinner or after having done their shopping, its sometimes near impossible even to book for one. These times are normally between 5.30pm to 10.00pm thats why we often see long queues of anxious commuters waiting in vain outside shopping malls' taxi stands, places of interests, clubs and other popular places, such as food centres etc.
The busiest days for taxi drivers are on Fridays and Saturdays, thats when the world comes out to play and taxi drivers will definitely go all out in full force to secure higher earnings from eagerly waiting commuters appearing here, there and everywhere.

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