Saturday, September 10, 2011 drivers meet regularly at coffee shops to yak, yak, yak......

Gambling and Lotteries! 4D, Toto, Big Sweep, Horse Races, Share Markets, Football betting, two new very attractive Casinos, not mentioning the many hidden illegal gambling dens, my, my, my, what a huge 'conglomerate' of multi-national enterprises. With this booming market of get rich quick outlets, you tell me, how can we even imagine that there will be no citizens' gambling problems at all? 
I mean, with the carefully worded and yet encouraging phrase "Please Gamble Wisely" announced in the media and in all outlets makes us think like, "Well, its okay to play what, only we must be more careful, study harder, do our homework, etc, etc, you never know, we may strike it rich one day, right?". 
We are Singaporeans, most of us belong to the same "kiasu" community and who does not want to be rich? 
Oh yes, last night the huge Five million dollar 'jackpot' Toto draw, must see the results, I bought $10.00 normal 'quick-pick' tickets, so, if you will excuse me, I need to check it out.......who knows.?.........

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