Thursday, September 15, 2011

Strive to be happy always.

Last night was a fairly good Wednesday work shift for me and not only that, the very first passenger that I picked up from United Square taxi stand, a most personable and charming young lady who was going to Suntec City to attend a lecture on Telemarketing. She impressed me with her 'super-duper' memory recollection of Singapore's past because her father always brought her along here and there when she was still very very young, to see old buildings such as, the former National Theatre, the Van Cleef Aquarium both along River Valley Road as well as the Killiney Road hawker centre (opposite Centrepoint) even the 'bombing' incident at Macdonald House at Orchard Road and many other places of interest. Little did she know that I had just posted a blog in respect of the Big Fire in Bukit Ho Swee and she became evidently excited as we talked about Singapore's heritage because she had been doing lots of research into the history of olden day Singapore and when I told her about my website and what she can find out and discover even more from it, she immediately told me she could hardly wait to get home to check it out. She exclaimed and showed great enthusiasm about it. We talked and talked as though we had known each other for 'centuries'. I am most fortunate to be able to enjoy and share lots of laughter together with my passengers everytime I get the conversation started on each trip. I love my job, it makes me happy.


  1. I just traveled in your taxi and happened to know about this blog from you. Nice to see these great optimistic articles with a positive vibration.


  2. Thank you Cookie Monster, you're most welcome. Have a nice day!