Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Speak Mandarin.

A new citizen of Singapore hailed my cab at Bukit Batok St.21 last evening. She was an Indian mother, formerly from Northern India, now a full fledged Singaporean citizen with her two young sons, both born in Singapore, one is now in Primary two and the other in K2. They wanted to go to Serangoon Road near to Mustapha Centre to meet the children's father and have dinner with him at a restaurant around that area. The children, both spoke English very well and I was impressed when I asked the elder son what second language he was studying in school, he answered, "Mandarin". He and his younger brother then started speaking some Mandarin phrases and they sounded very Chinese indeed. Well, I must say, the parents have chosen this language so that their children will truly benefit and be at an advantage over others in their future.
Just last week, only a few days ago, a very similar story, only this time my passengers were an Italian woman who is a PR together with her two young children of the same ages, and her elder son is also taking up Mandarin as his second language, he too spoke a few Mandarin phrases to me for approval. It was almost an identical scenerio, what a surprising coincidence.
Nowadays, many parents, especially those from different Nationalities have chosen Mandarin as the second language for their young children. I would love just to be able to speak an additional foreign language or two so that I can engage my foreign passengers in more livelier and happier conversations.
I suppose its still not too late for me to try.........maybe try only......see how lah.

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