Friday, September 30, 2011


"Uncle, you are our saviour!" exclaimed one of the two young and pretty lady passengers as they boarded my taxi along Ubi Ave 1 to go to Downtown East in Pasir Ris late last night.
A "saviour"? I asked.
"Yes, we have been anxiously waiting for a taxi and there you are!" was the happy reply. This started a pleasant chit-chat between us with lots of laughter all the way till we reached their destination.
For a moment I thought, yes, indeed I have been saving many, many passengers from having to wait a much longer time, getting them to their workplace in time, getting them to keep their appointments and interviews in time and also rushing them to cinema theatres in time. Yes, yes, that's what I must have been doing all along without realizing that I, just an ordinary taxi-driver is indirectly also a 'Saviour',
Wowie! Its simply fantastic to be bestowed with such a wonderful 'title'. How often can one immediately engage in conversations with total strangers and enjoy chatting, laughing with them as if we had known each other for ages and on top of that, whilst we continue working? Not many occupations available I believe, except for work such as mine I think. After work, I always feel a sense of satisfaction for being able to provide a safe and pleasant journey together with 'unexpected' happy thoughts.
Hmmm......a Saviour.

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