Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pride and Agony.

Throughout last night, whilst at work, my mind kept returning to old photographs. Together with a black and white live video footage, especially that of the tragic Big Fire at Bukit Ho Swee on 25th May, 1961. Here is James Seah's memory of the fire and video below:

Remember, I was browsing through Singapore's heritage yesterday and was caught fully engrossed in stories and old photographs of yester-years gone by when I got stuck trying to write a new blog?
Its come back alive again, those pictures in my mind.
Yes, I was there at the scene of the Fire.  I was then in Sec.4 (Outram Secondary School) and also a member of the School's Red Cross Society. I cannot really recall how I came to be there at the scene on that fateful day, but I can remember vaguely though, how I helped carry a skinny old Chinese woman 'piggy-back' style from her hut to safety. I also remembered attending to those slightly hurt as well as assisting many others to safer grounds with the fire still raging everywhere. It was truly an unforgettable first time experience for me to be 'engulfed' in such a huge crisis. As I write, visions of more vivid incidents at the scene keep flashing through my mind, such as a half burnt monkey yelping, jumping about, and trying frantically to escape while still chained to a tree with me watching helplessly at the sickening tragedy. I was shocked and stunned then. But now, somehow or other, I have just felt a great relief after sharing this bit of history.

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