Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making Friends.

Where in the world can you find a job, that gives you the opportunity to meet up, get to know and also to engage in conversations with people, total strangers, from all over the world especially when your country's Tourism Board keeps up their relentless drive to attract more and more tourists each day.
Yes, the Taxi Driver gets to welcome and make first hand contact with the tourists as soon as they arrive in Singapore. I must say, I am most fortunate to be one such cabby.
Today, after driving for more than ten years, I get a chance to engage in conversation with this pretty and charming young lady from Bolivia, when I ferried her from Hyatt Hotel in Scotts Road to Changi Airport Terminal Two. I have 'travelled' with people of different nationalities, from all walks of life and from so many countries such as Finland, Russia, Poland, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Nepal, Mongolia, Spain, Morroco, Ireland, Jamaica, Chile, Dubai, Mexico, Belgium to name a few, together with many others from more familiar Western countries and nearly all Asian countries as well. So you see, this job of mine gives me the opportunity to get to know, learn and find out what people all over the world are like, even if it is only knowing them in such a short period of time. For instance, I have learnt that in Bolivia, people have at least four names, the first two names belong to them and the last two, their father's and mother's. This is of course quite unique to me. Miss P.A.F.T. (initials only), I hope it is correct, told me her name and it sounded very nice. I also told her, it must be quite a hassle each time she has to fill in her long, long name into small columns in forms that require her to state her full name.
Wow! I continue to keep learning things which I am totally unaware of. It is truly a pleasure and delight to be able to chat and befriend people from all over the world. I am happy and proud to be a cabbie.

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