Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pt.3...... end of a fast and past hectic week-end schedule.......

Sunday 4th Sept.
After having an early night's rest, I managed to get up in time to go to church at 8.30am and when I returned home at 10.30am, I hit the 'sack' again once more and would you believe it, I slept through till 4.30pm. I started my shift at 6.00pm, happily plying my trade and it was like getting back to normal after having been 'jet-lagged' but not for long. My Vietnamese friend had earlier messaged me to say he will be having dinner with his girlfriend's friend and may go for a drink after that. He suggested we meet around 11.30pm and maybe have supper and chit-chat since his flight home is at 7.00am in the morning. We met and I decided to bring them for supper at the popular steam-boat buffet restaurant along Beach Road. We started eating just before 12.30am and were heartily engrossed in food, laughter, chatting away till almost 3.00am. I insisted on fetching them to their hotel, collect their baggage and straight to Terminal One. To tell you the truth, I truly enjoyed every bit of this 'highly' tiring weekend, but honestly, I would have preferred a lesser and not so crammed-up schedule, well, the famous phrase once again "what you want is not what you will get"............

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