Sunday, September 25, 2011

An encouraging booster.

Last night I had a very happy surprise and it was most encouraging for me as an amateur blogger. Somebody recognized me and called me "Hey! You are Uncle Frank!". How sweet it is to be acknowledged and being a 'newbie' I must admit I feel good. Jean is her name, together with her elder sister, flagged my cab just outside Tiong Bahru Plaza and wanted to go to two places, Boon Keng Road first, then to Bedok South. We were travelling for a while when her exclamation rang out. Elder sister alighted first and from there on, Jean and I had a hearty chit-chat, full of laughter, all the way to her destination. This pleasant surprise call has given me greater encouragement to continue to improve writing my blogs and hopefully contribute to more interesting and leisurely reads in future.

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