Friday, September 23, 2011

Chaotic traffic jams.

I was quite unfortunate to be stucked in the heavily clogged up traffic jams along Upper Pickering Street heading towards Church Street and Market Street at about 7.30pm last night. I was ferrying two young and pretty French lasses from Kitchener Road (City Square) who wanted to go to One Fullerton, opposite Fullerton Hotel. With the many road closures near the Grand Prix arena, in the city area and travelling at snail pace, my passengers opted to alight near Market Street and continue on foot which they reckon would be faster in reaching their destination. I felt bad for not being able to complete the journey. The fare alone for this trip came to $27.60 but I only asked for $25.00 which I think is already too much due to the expected jams and road diversions. I then parked myself later at the Market Street taxi stand as traffic could hardly move and had to wait for quite a while before getting out from the traffic 'mess'. With the F1 carnival starting, roads surrounding the Grand Prix circuit will be closed and worst of all because it is night racing and also during peak hours, heavier traffic jams are inevitable. Of course I will try to steer clear from these parts but its not going to be easy and also not my choice for I cannot choose nor refuse a paying passenger's request. The closures and road diversions will be lifted in just a few days more, until Tuesday, 27th Sept. when the big Show finally ends. Taxi drivers' income is badly affected during this period especially when caught up in a traffic 'Snarl'.

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