Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Bonanza.

This time around, there is Extra income to be earned for taxi drivers during F1 night races in the city area and at most hotels within. For between $40.00 to $45.00 per trip, taxi drivers will find it worthwhile to go near or around the Grand Prix circuit areas. These fares will be chargeable until Tuesday 27th Sept. That's when F1 championship comes to an end.
Previously, cabbies will definitely shy away from or near this vicinity for fear of being caught up in heavy traffic jams. This year a greater number of spectators from overseas is expected, tourists will have more exciting and entertaining international shows available with quite a number of well known celebrities including this year's Miss Universe also attending the Grand Prix spectacle. Singapore has indeed put on this amazing event for viewers from almost all over the world. The changing face of our country's skyline, two vibrant casinos, Formula one night races together with the latest Marina Bay attractions has recently caused quite a big 'Buzz" around the world. Taxis are more in demand nowadays and I know there will be a greater increase in the taxi population even though it has already more then 25,000 roaming the streets presently.

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