Friday, September 16, 2011

The Beginning.

The taxi is a money making machine, but, to operate it, you have to be a taxi driver.You must first of all have a motor vehicle driving licence, after which you can then apply for a Taxi Driver's Vocational Licence (TDVL) from the LTA (Land Transport Authority).
Upon approval, you will need to pass a full medical examination before you are allowed to proceed to register for a taxi driver's vocational course (fee costs about $230/-) conducted by LTA, and would normally take about six weeks, (three hours daily) to complete. The course being taught, is basically about traffic rules and regulations, roads and landmarks, places of interests including embassies, dos and don'ts, etc. At the end of which, you have to sit for an examination, pass it, before being awarded a taxi driver's licence (fee costs $40/- for 3 years).
Next, you decide what taxi model you like to drive, and which taxi company to join. Having made your choice, you have to deposit $1,000/- (refundable) with whichever company chosen, attend a full day's class to learn how to operate the taxi meter, the company's rules and regulations and so on.
After having gone through the whole process, you have finally become, at last, a full fledged Taxi Driver and can immediately start to operate your money making machine.

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