Friday, September 30, 2011


"Uncle, you are our saviour!" exclaimed one of the two young and pretty lady passengers as they boarded my taxi along Ubi Ave 1 to go to Downtown East in Pasir Ris late last night.
A "saviour"? I asked.
"Yes, we have been anxiously waiting for a taxi and there you are!" was the happy reply. This started a pleasant chit-chat between us with lots of laughter all the way till we reached their destination.
For a moment I thought, yes, indeed I have been saving many, many passengers from having to wait a much longer time, getting them to their workplace in time, getting them to keep their appointments and interviews in time and also rushing them to cinema theatres in time. Yes, yes, that's what I must have been doing all along without realizing that I, just an ordinary taxi-driver is indirectly also a 'Saviour',
Wowie! Its simply fantastic to be bestowed with such a wonderful 'title'. How often can one immediately engage in conversations with total strangers and enjoy chatting, laughing with them as if we had known each other for ages and on top of that, whilst we continue working? Not many occupations available I believe, except for work such as mine I think. After work, I always feel a sense of satisfaction for being able to provide a safe and pleasant journey together with 'unexpected' happy thoughts.
Hmmm......a Saviour.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A visit to RWS Casino.

Monday night, after working from 5.00pm till 10.00pm, I decided to go and spend sometime and enjoy myself at the RWS Casino.
If you are a Gold or Platinum card member of the Casino, you get to park free of charge in the vast V.I.P. basement carpark situate just below the Casino lobby. Other visitors need to pay a carpark fee in the huge Casino and Resorts World carpark, the amount usually varies from between a minimum of $4.00 to above $10.00 depending on how long you park there.
To enter the Casino, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents have to pay an entrance fee of $100.00 which allows you to go in and out only for a period of 24 hours (a deterrent to dissuade and for you to refrain from gambling). You can also pay $2000.00 for a yearly subscription and, (this is how the Govt further enriched their own coffers).
Inside the Casino, near the entrance, there is an enclosed area which caters strictly for Locals and PRs. This 'exclusiveness' was brought about by complains from Locals, "Kiasuism" in action, of being left out from 'table games' and no chance to play the hundreds of jackpot machines which are nearly always fully occupied by foreign guests. There are eating shops selling western and local dishes, a food court and many scattered 'stations' providing free 24-hour hot and soft drinks.
The people I see are mainly Chinese elderly men and women mostly seated at jackpot machines tapping away happily, many young women mostly Chinese nationals, you can usually tell by their accents when they speak aloud, walking around with chips in their hands, crowding around baccarat tables to place their bets. I noticed only a couple of middleaged caucasian guys sitting at a blackjack table, some Indian nationals and a handful of Malay young men walking around here and there.
At the middle of the casino, there is this stage with a large video screen in the background constantly providing entertaining shows by popular local and foreign artistes, celebrities, and also screenings of 'live' football matches for the big crowds of gamblers, (mostly uninterested while fully engrossed in their games) and to visitors as well as those losers who are left with nothing better to do.
There is an upper floor which is exclusively only for Silver, Gold and Platinum card holders, they are the high-rollers. The Casino, with an area equivalent to the size of 3 football fields, is usually packed during weekends and everyday you can see long queues of taxis (there is an additional $3.00 surcharge for every trip out).
After staying in the Casino for more than four hours and also playing Carribean Stud Poker, a fairly slow and relaxing game for two and a half hours, I thought it was time to make a move. My pockets felt a bit lighter as I slowly strolled out with a hot cup of white coffee in my hands, and it looks like a bit of overtime work is needed. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted but most importantly, I did relax and enjoyed myself. Maybe next time Sands.......

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Speak Mandarin.

A new citizen of Singapore hailed my cab at Bukit Batok St.21 last evening. She was an Indian mother, formerly from Northern India, now a full fledged Singaporean citizen with her two young sons, both born in Singapore, one is now in Primary two and the other in K2. They wanted to go to Serangoon Road near to Mustapha Centre to meet the children's father and have dinner with him at a restaurant around that area. The children, both spoke English very well and I was impressed when I asked the elder son what second language he was studying in school, he answered, "Mandarin". He and his younger brother then started speaking some Mandarin phrases and they sounded very Chinese indeed. Well, I must say, the parents have chosen this language so that their children will truly benefit and be at an advantage over others in their future.
Just last week, only a few days ago, a very similar story, only this time my passengers were an Italian woman who is a PR together with her two young children of the same ages, and her elder son is also taking up Mandarin as his second language, he too spoke a few Mandarin phrases to me for approval. It was almost an identical scenerio, what a surprising coincidence.
Nowadays, many parents, especially those from different Nationalities have chosen Mandarin as the second language for their young children. I would love just to be able to speak an additional foreign language or two so that I can engage my foreign passengers in more livelier and happier conversations.
I suppose its still not too late for me to try.........maybe try only......see how lah.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Female F1 drivers?

Now that the grand F1 show is over, I managed to make a quick and simple survey from most of my female passengers who rode in my cab, to find out how many of them saw the F1 races, whether live or just watching from television coverage and to my surprise, none of them saw the spectacle nor were they particularly interested at all. I guess without any active female F1 participating drivers whom they can identify with, women's interest in this sport is just not there at all. I daresay F1 races is strictly a male sporting event. Organizers should plan and include women's participation in future F1 shows and not sit on their laurels over this world class extravaganza which has become a recognized universal 'Hit'. If this addition becomes a reality, who knows, possibly another "1st" for Singapore?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

An encouraging booster.

Last night I had a very happy surprise and it was most encouraging for me as an amateur blogger. Somebody recognized me and called me "Hey! You are Uncle Frank!". How sweet it is to be acknowledged and being a 'newbie' I must admit I feel good. Jean is her name, together with her elder sister, flagged my cab just outside Tiong Bahru Plaza and wanted to go to two places, Boon Keng Road first, then to Bedok South. We were travelling for a while when her exclamation rang out. Elder sister alighted first and from there on, Jean and I had a hearty chit-chat, full of laughter, all the way to her destination. This pleasant surprise call has given me greater encouragement to continue to improve writing my blogs and hopefully contribute to more interesting and leisurely reads in future.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Bonanza.

This time around, there is Extra income to be earned for taxi drivers during F1 night races in the city area and at most hotels within. For between $40.00 to $45.00 per trip, taxi drivers will find it worthwhile to go near or around the Grand Prix circuit areas. These fares will be chargeable until Tuesday 27th Sept. That's when F1 championship comes to an end.
Previously, cabbies will definitely shy away from or near this vicinity for fear of being caught up in heavy traffic jams. This year a greater number of spectators from overseas is expected, tourists will have more exciting and entertaining international shows available with quite a number of well known celebrities including this year's Miss Universe also attending the Grand Prix spectacle. Singapore has indeed put on this amazing event for viewers from almost all over the world. The changing face of our country's skyline, two vibrant casinos, Formula one night races together with the latest Marina Bay attractions has recently caused quite a big 'Buzz" around the world. Taxis are more in demand nowadays and I know there will be a greater increase in the taxi population even though it has already more then 25,000 roaming the streets presently.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Chaotic traffic jams.

I was quite unfortunate to be stucked in the heavily clogged up traffic jams along Upper Pickering Street heading towards Church Street and Market Street at about 7.30pm last night. I was ferrying two young and pretty French lasses from Kitchener Road (City Square) who wanted to go to One Fullerton, opposite Fullerton Hotel. With the many road closures near the Grand Prix arena, in the city area and travelling at snail pace, my passengers opted to alight near Market Street and continue on foot which they reckon would be faster in reaching their destination. I felt bad for not being able to complete the journey. The fare alone for this trip came to $27.60 but I only asked for $25.00 which I think is already too much due to the expected jams and road diversions. I then parked myself later at the Market Street taxi stand as traffic could hardly move and had to wait for quite a while before getting out from the traffic 'mess'. With the F1 carnival starting, roads surrounding the Grand Prix circuit will be closed and worst of all because it is night racing and also during peak hours, heavier traffic jams are inevitable. Of course I will try to steer clear from these parts but its not going to be easy and also not my choice for I cannot choose nor refuse a paying passenger's request. The closures and road diversions will be lifted in just a few days more, until Tuesday, 27th Sept. when the big Show finally ends. Taxi drivers' income is badly affected during this period especially when caught up in a traffic 'Snarl'.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

'Akan Datang' CCTV.

It is soon going to be more and more difficult in future to load potential passengers for me even when they flag me along roads where there are white lines, single and double yellow zig-zag lines.
The simple reason for this is because the Government is soon going to install CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras along roads to capture wayward, unlawful and indiscriminate parking of all vehicles. The fine for such offences will be between $50.00 to $120.00 and thats not a small sum.
This soon to be installed CCTVs is the result created by who else? For being 'kiasu' (afraid to lose out) and inconsiderate most of the time, disregarding, causing undue inconveniences, disobeying traffic rules and regulations and finally causing road congestions, we have ourselves to blame.
We have maybe about six months more to enjoy 'free' parking as preparations for installations of these detecting 'eyes' get underway. I can envisage loss of income for taxi drivers in the near future because we will definitely be 'camera shy' for sure.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making Friends.

Where in the world can you find a job, that gives you the opportunity to meet up, get to know and also to engage in conversations with people, total strangers, from all over the world especially when your country's Tourism Board keeps up their relentless drive to attract more and more tourists each day.
Yes, the Taxi Driver gets to welcome and make first hand contact with the tourists as soon as they arrive in Singapore. I must say, I am most fortunate to be one such cabby.
Today, after driving for more than ten years, I get a chance to engage in conversation with this pretty and charming young lady from Bolivia, when I ferried her from Hyatt Hotel in Scotts Road to Changi Airport Terminal Two. I have 'travelled' with people of different nationalities, from all walks of life and from so many countries such as Finland, Russia, Poland, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Nepal, Mongolia, Spain, Morroco, Ireland, Jamaica, Chile, Dubai, Mexico, Belgium to name a few, together with many others from more familiar Western countries and nearly all Asian countries as well. So you see, this job of mine gives me the opportunity to get to know, learn and find out what people all over the world are like, even if it is only knowing them in such a short period of time. For instance, I have learnt that in Bolivia, people have at least four names, the first two names belong to them and the last two, their father's and mother's. This is of course quite unique to me. Miss P.A.F.T. (initials only), I hope it is correct, told me her name and it sounded very nice. I also told her, it must be quite a hassle each time she has to fill in her long, long name into small columns in forms that require her to state her full name.
Wow! I continue to keep learning things which I am totally unaware of. It is truly a pleasure and delight to be able to chat and befriend people from all over the world. I am happy and proud to be a cabbie.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To catch a cab.

When I don't stop my taxi after being flagged by potential commuters along the roadsides, most often than not, I will be shown the 'fist', or the 'third finger' or even get spat at.
The reason why I don't stop is firstly because, my taxi is already been hired and commuters are not aware and cannot see clearly as I drive past them.
Secondly, I may have the 'On Call' sign or other relevant signs such as 'Changing Shift', 'Not for Hire' or other location names sign which is displayed clearly on my vehicle's windshield. I don't blame them for showing anger because the signs may not be visibly understood as I drive past at certain speeds. I know what its like to be ignored when we have been waiting for so long and feeling very frustrated trying to catch a cab. Yes, I know too, because I myself need to catch a cab when I am not on shift and in a hurry to go somewhere urgently.
The problem usually occurs during 'peak hours' when folks are rushing home after work, after dinner or after having done their shopping, its sometimes near impossible even to book for one. These times are normally between 5.30pm to 10.00pm thats why we often see long queues of anxious commuters waiting in vain outside shopping malls' taxi stands, places of interests, clubs and other popular places, such as food centres etc.
The busiest days for taxi drivers are on Fridays and Saturdays, thats when the world comes out to play and taxi drivers will definitely go all out in full force to secure higher earnings from eagerly waiting commuters appearing here, there and everywhere.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thoughts and Imaginations.

It happened again last night at about 11.30pm when I picked up three Indian Nationals from 'Little India' at Mustapha Centre in Serangoon Road who wanted to go to Lim Chu Kang Road.
Traveling along the PIE (Pan Island Expressway) I have to exit into Jalan Bahar and go straight all the way to reach Lim Chu Kang Road. Along the way, we have to pass by Chua Chu Kang Christian Cemetery on my right, the Muslim Cemetery directly opposite it and then the Buddhist Cemetery on my left. My passengers alighted along the narrow road leading towards Sungei Gudong Military camp nearby, which is quite a dark and forested area. To drive back along the same lengthy, quiet and dark road towards a livelier Boon Lay or Jurong Point Shopping Mall, this time without passengers with me is entirely a different story altogether. Everytime I drive along this lonely long stretch of road, usually at night as I do night-shifts and alone by myself, you tend to let your imaginations run wild. What if there is someone or 'something' trying to flag your cab near the cemetery areas? Worst of all, what if it was a beautiful woman dressed in white, trying to hail your cab at this 'ungodly hour'?
Oh dear, as you slightly brush your hands on your arms you can feel your hair starting to stand up. More and more "What if?" starts to flood your mind and your heart begins to beat faster and faster, your foot on the accelerator feels so much heavier. Thoughts of ghostly apparitions or restless souls and spirits 'flitting' about and lurking around you makes your hair 'tingle', then 'fear' and apprehension of what may suddenly appear sets in.
All of us are only human and sometimes our imaginations tend to get the better of us. Being a fan of Horror and Eerie Ghosts stories, movies or books, maximises and invites greater imaginative evil thoughts within us. Being Night-shift taxi drivers, we tend to surround ourselves with thoughts of the 'unknown' and the 'supernatural' when we travel alone along lonely, dark and deserted areas. Last night was another 'happening' night for me.    

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Labels to refer.

To make for easy reference to subjects of some of my previous posts, I have put in labels to recall incidents in blogs where these words appear. Its exciting and fun for easy reading.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Beginning.

The taxi is a money making machine, but, to operate it, you have to be a taxi driver.You must first of all have a motor vehicle driving licence, after which you can then apply for a Taxi Driver's Vocational Licence (TDVL) from the LTA (Land Transport Authority).
Upon approval, you will need to pass a full medical examination before you are allowed to proceed to register for a taxi driver's vocational course (fee costs about $230/-) conducted by LTA, and would normally take about six weeks, (three hours daily) to complete. The course being taught, is basically about traffic rules and regulations, roads and landmarks, places of interests including embassies, dos and don'ts, etc. At the end of which, you have to sit for an examination, pass it, before being awarded a taxi driver's licence (fee costs $40/- for 3 years).
Next, you decide what taxi model you like to drive, and which taxi company to join. Having made your choice, you have to deposit $1,000/- (refundable) with whichever company chosen, attend a full day's class to learn how to operate the taxi meter, the company's rules and regulations and so on.
After having gone through the whole process, you have finally become, at last, a full fledged Taxi Driver and can immediately start to operate your money making machine.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Strive to be happy always.

Last night was a fairly good Wednesday work shift for me and not only that, the very first passenger that I picked up from United Square taxi stand, a most personable and charming young lady who was going to Suntec City to attend a lecture on Telemarketing. She impressed me with her 'super-duper' memory recollection of Singapore's past because her father always brought her along here and there when she was still very very young, to see old buildings such as, the former National Theatre, the Van Cleef Aquarium both along River Valley Road as well as the Killiney Road hawker centre (opposite Centrepoint) even the 'bombing' incident at Macdonald House at Orchard Road and many other places of interest. Little did she know that I had just posted a blog in respect of the Big Fire in Bukit Ho Swee and she became evidently excited as we talked about Singapore's heritage because she had been doing lots of research into the history of olden day Singapore and when I told her about my website and what she can find out and discover even more from it, she immediately told me she could hardly wait to get home to check it out. She exclaimed and showed great enthusiasm about it. We talked and talked as though we had known each other for 'centuries'. I am most fortunate to be able to enjoy and share lots of laughter together with my passengers everytime I get the conversation started on each trip. I love my job, it makes me happy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pride and Agony.

Throughout last night, whilst at work, my mind kept returning to old photographs. Together with a black and white live video footage, especially that of the tragic Big Fire at Bukit Ho Swee on 25th May, 1961. Here is James Seah's memory of the fire and video below:

Remember, I was browsing through Singapore's heritage yesterday and was caught fully engrossed in stories and old photographs of yester-years gone by when I got stuck trying to write a new blog?
Its come back alive again, those pictures in my mind.
Yes, I was there at the scene of the Fire.  I was then in Sec.4 (Outram Secondary School) and also a member of the School's Red Cross Society. I cannot really recall how I came to be there at the scene on that fateful day, but I can remember vaguely though, how I helped carry a skinny old Chinese woman 'piggy-back' style from her hut to safety. I also remembered attending to those slightly hurt as well as assisting many others to safer grounds with the fire still raging everywhere. It was truly an unforgettable first time experience for me to be 'engulfed' in such a huge crisis. As I write, visions of more vivid incidents at the scene keep flashing through my mind, such as a half burnt monkey yelping, jumping about, and trying frantically to escape while still chained to a tree with me watching helplessly at the sickening tragedy. I was shocked and stunned then. But now, somehow or other, I have just felt a great relief after sharing this bit of history.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One of those days.

I had wanted to write something very interesting earlier but somehow or other, I just could not get started. My mind is too clogged up with things to write so much so, its like getting into a jam. Its one of those days when the engine don't get started properly. Eventually I began browsing my Facebook account and read so many articles of Singapore's old heritage. I was totally engrossed in old memories and got carried away. Have to go to work now, but will write in the morning. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Favourite Philosophies.

Today, I would like to share my thoughts with you, so, for the moment, lets all think about these:
Here goes: 
(1) A man with one watch knows what time it is; a man with 2 watches is never quite sure.   
(2) Don't look where you fall, but where you slipped.   
(3) Look at life through the wind-shield, not the rear view mirror.   
(4) People may doubt what you say. But they will believe what you do.   
(5) Be nice to people on your way up, because you will need them on your way down.   
(6) Never explain. Your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe it.   
(7) While seeking revenge, dig two graves - one for yourself.   
(8) Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted.   
(9) Courage is not a lack of fear, but the ability to act while facing fear.   
(10) You have to do your own growing, no matter how tall your father was.   
(11) The best way to predict your future is to create it.............

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thanks guys for making my work day an enjoyable one.....

I love ferrying passengers over long trips. 
One such trip was with this happy family of five, from Resorts World Sentosa to Toa Payoh Lorong 7. Daddy and Mummy with three very young children, two boys and a girl, after enjoying a show at RWS and were returning home. The father sat in the front passenger seat with mummy and children sitting behind. Daddy and me were chatting about their outing, family life and mummy and children were talking about food for dinner and lanterns. All of us were like one big family chatting  happily away till we reached the family's destination. I happen to have two extra new lanterns which I gave to the children and they liked it as we bade farewell. Yes, I always feel good to be in the company of a happy family.
Later in the night, about 11pm, I was fortunate again to have picked up this happy couple, going home after watching a show, at the Changi Expo Taxi stand and this was another long distance trip all the way to Jurong West St. 93. This couple had to fetch their seven-year-old son from the grandfather's house and then proceed to their own home at St. 61 nearby. I don't know what happened, but this night I was very talkative. I talked and talked generally about everything, about family, about children, about religion and so on with my passengers throughout the whole trip, I suppose I got carried away somewhat. Luckily this very nice and pleasant couple, did not mind so much because we all laughed together every now and then and it was as though we were like old time friends till its time to part.
True, my next passenger, a young PR Philippino man, working as an IT troubleshooter, had to travel to work from Woodlands to Upper Changi Ind. Park. This was yet another long, long trip coupled with some more happy chit-chatting all the way and I think I may not be able to stop....  its getting late too....... so....... better take five for now........

Saturday, September 10, 2011 drivers meet regularly at coffee shops to yak, yak, yak......

Gambling and Lotteries! 4D, Toto, Big Sweep, Horse Races, Share Markets, Football betting, two new very attractive Casinos, not mentioning the many hidden illegal gambling dens, my, my, my, what a huge 'conglomerate' of multi-national enterprises. With this booming market of get rich quick outlets, you tell me, how can we even imagine that there will be no citizens' gambling problems at all? 
I mean, with the carefully worded and yet encouraging phrase "Please Gamble Wisely" announced in the media and in all outlets makes us think like, "Well, its okay to play what, only we must be more careful, study harder, do our homework, etc, etc, you never know, we may strike it rich one day, right?". 
We are Singaporeans, most of us belong to the same "kiasu" community and who does not want to be rich? 
Oh yes, last night the huge Five million dollar 'jackpot' Toto draw, must see the results, I bought $10.00 normal 'quick-pick' tickets, so, if you will excuse me, I need to check it out.......who knows.?.........

Friday, September 9, 2011 out! Amateur racers doing 'trial' runs........

With so many recent events going past in a wisp, now the Mid Autumn Festival, mooncakes everywhere and in about ten days the exciting Formula 1 night races to start, we are already watching many local Hamiltons, Vettels and Alonsos doing their speed trials here and everywhere, very dangerous to other road users. It would be wise not to challenge them because thats exactly what they crave for. These amateur speedsters, not realising that they may be potential 'killers' are also very reckless and inconsiderate and so whenever you are on the road be careful and try to avoid them. If you are behind the steering wheels like I do everyday, I too sometimes have the urge and tendency to go a bit faster but then, this responsible occupation of mine happens to be my livelihood...........

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pt.3...... end of a fast and past hectic week-end schedule.......

Sunday 4th Sept.
After having an early night's rest, I managed to get up in time to go to church at 8.30am and when I returned home at 10.30am, I hit the 'sack' again once more and would you believe it, I slept through till 4.30pm. I started my shift at 6.00pm, happily plying my trade and it was like getting back to normal after having been 'jet-lagged' but not for long. My Vietnamese friend had earlier messaged me to say he will be having dinner with his girlfriend's friend and may go for a drink after that. He suggested we meet around 11.30pm and maybe have supper and chit-chat since his flight home is at 7.00am in the morning. We met and I decided to bring them for supper at the popular steam-boat buffet restaurant along Beach Road. We started eating just before 12.30am and were heartily engrossed in food, laughter, chatting away till almost 3.00am. I insisted on fetching them to their hotel, collect their baggage and straight to Terminal One. To tell you the truth, I truly enjoyed every bit of this 'highly' tiring weekend, but honestly, I would have preferred a lesser and not so crammed-up schedule, well, the famous phrase once again "what you want is not what you will get"............

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pt2..... and the 'E' and 'J' feat continues.....

Last Friday after first day class ended at 3pm I was already starting to feel a little tired when I met my Vietnamese visitor and his girlfriend (she flew in from Penang to accompany him) at Newton MRT station at 6pm. Both of them enjoyed the hawker fare there, it was like they had dinner already. I drove them around Orchard Road area first, the city area, Chinatown etc and nearly everywhere.  Being a tourist guide as well, I was in my elements especially after being refreshed  earlier in class, my friend told me he would specially like to have a look at Universal Studios in Sentosa so I drove there and both of them were busy taking photographs, it was quite deserted then and I rested a bit, time was about 10.30pm. He told me they would be going to the Studios the next day to try the rides. Apart from continuously driving, we stopped here and there for drinks and chats. I asked if they would like supper, it was already 1.00am and yes they did, so I brought them to Upper Serangoon Road where we had the popular 'nasi lemak' and 'bak choh mee' . My friends enjoyed the whole evening spree and by the time I sent them to their hotel, it was 2.45am. I was totally 'shacked', imagine my next second day class starts at 8.00am I estimated only about three hours' sleep left for me. I was lucky my friends were going to the Studios later and spend time by themselves. "Heng ahh!" ..........

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

...lessons in 'endurance' and 'juggling' feat.....

I say, man! The long weekend was simply hectic, thank goodness its over.
First of all, my TDVL refresher course exactly (11) hours inclusive of (1) hour lunches and short refreshment and coffee breaks of 15 minutes each has finally ended, it was really an enormous effort on my part trying to keep awake throughout the whole course and yes, I made it. All participants were each rewarded a certificate together with a complimentary copy of the latest Street Directory for having completed the course. Both the two different Instructors, one for each day must be complimented for their styles and excellent skills in conducting the classes. Their humour and wit at times has made this refresher course most interesting and enjoyable. Without question, teaching with the aid of videos on a big screen is definitely a huge plus. Now then, on the other hand, entertaining my visitor friend from Vietnam and rushing to keep my appointments at the National University Hospital, juggling for time in between taking blood test and consultations with the Pharmacist including queing up for collection of my medicines at the Pharmacy, were wow, how did I do it, I can't remember right now, but miraculously I did it.......yes I survived it be cont'd.

Friday, September 2, 2011

.....busy lah, gotta take short break......

Going to be very busy for the next few days, so I will be taking a short break from today 2/9 till 5/9 to complete my (11) hours compulsory TDVL refresher course and also at the same time to accommodate as well as to entertain a close friend who just arrived from Vietnam yesterday. He is here for a short visit and holiday, and will be leaving on Monday.
Sure to be back to blog soon, so stay tuned.....