Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An unforgettable encounter...........

About 7.00pm on Tuesday, I picked up this young and pretty English lady at the IKEA taxi stand in Alexandra Road. She had with her 2 boxes, a leather bag and another plastic bag of her purchases and wanted me to drive her to her condominium at Mt. Elizabeth Road.
We arrived at her destination and she told me to wait awhile because she had to leave the 2 boxes at the reception area and then continue down the road to another condominium just a few metres away. She asked if I could just wait a little while more, about 5 minutes at the next condo as she had to leave some of her belongings in her apartment after which continue on to Little India.
I was hesitant at first and told her that it was still peak hours (between 5pm and 8pm) and in the CBD area, I can collect a surcharge of $3.00 if I were to pick up the next passenger. She was such a pleasant lady, spoke softly and said she will pay me an extra $10 for my endeavour if I could send her to Buffalo Road and wait a further ten minutes and finally to Paragon.
Her offer was reasonable, she was a sweet and gentle persuader and I just could not refuse. During the trip, I asked if she was from India, oh no, wrong presumption, I was badly mistakened, she is English and hails from Bristol (England) and she has been working as a Purchaser for hotels in Singapore for the past 2 years. At Buffalo Road, she requested that we exchange our handphone numbers just in case and told me to park my cab at the taxi stand up the road and will look for me as soon as she is done. I trusted her and did exactly that and you know what, she was back in less than 10 minutes.
We had a bit of chit-chat, she told me she was going to Spain the same night to attend a good friend's wedding, and maybe stay a week there before returning, wow, sounds fantastic. I sent her to the Paragon, the fare came to $19.20 and she immediately paid me, including her extra $10.00 offer, totalling altogether $30.00 and to keep the change.
I thanked her, said goodbye and left. But as soon as I drove off, I realised in my haste that I had forgotten to offer my services to fetch this charming and pretty young lady to the airport. I told myself I was not being courteous as I continued on my way, well, at least I thought I did provide some fair service...........


  1. hello uncle frank...this is adrian of bukit batok st 32....happy to have boarded your cab at holland V and chatted with you your analogy of life is like playing game, stage 1 (single),2(married),3(becoming father),4(becoming father - in law),5(becoming grandfather)... i will cherish my stage 1...hahah...hope to upgrade to stage 2 soon.! see ya!

  2. Hi Adrian, very good, but you are not yet in Level one, you are presently studying 'Rules and Regulations' in this 'Marathon of Life' game. When you finally get married then only will you be ranked in Level One and then the next and so on.......First study your R & R diligently in order to start off well. Good Luck, take care and God Bless !!