Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Oh No, not ag....!!!."

Being a Night shift driver I have to wash and clean up the taxi everyday before handing over to my Relief driver. For me, its usually around 4am. Sometimes, I get lucky when heavy rain falls, I am relieved of the chore after a tiring shift. I need only to clean and dust the four pieces of floor mats, that's it. Then just watch my taxi get a natural 'heavenly' bath. Believe me, it has always been a big thrill just watching the show. Last night, my last passenger, a young lady, flagged me near Lavender Foodcourt and she wanted to go to Ang Moh Kio Avenue 4. As soon as she sat down, even before shutting the door, horrors of horrors, she started to puke. Fortunately for me, just outside my cab - 'heng-ah'. When she finished, I straightaway gave her an NTUC plastic bag which I always keep handy, at least 3 pieces in the glove box (lessons learnt from past experiences). Asked her if she was alright and will she puke again she answered "Don't worry, I will not puke inside your taxi". I thanked her and gave her another bag to hang on just in case. I immediately sped off. On the way, along the CTE... "OMG" she held the bag to her mouth and puked twice more,  Yes, luckily, inside the bag.
During the whole journey, I felt very apprehensive and dreaded the worst. Finally we reached her destination, she paid her fare, thanked me and left. Safe at last, "Phew" what a huge relief, just then I thought I had to sweat. I think I better not recall what I had to go through the last time a passenger actually did 'it'.

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