Tuesday, August 2, 2011

indecisions and short sentences......

"Which way would you like me to go, by the PIE or the CTE?"
My passenger replies, "Oh, any way will be fine, up to you."
"OK, thank you." I straightaway headed towards the CTE and as soon as we are on the CTE, my passenger blurts out "You should have taken the PIE, blah blah blah....." Here comes the 'staccato' type short and crisp, "Uncle, Seng Kang", "go straight", "wait ah" shows me a piece of paper, and those commando type "Go PIE BKE KJE Choa Chu Kang Crescent" etc and so on.
These are my everyday, not uncommon short 'chit chats' some courteous, some rude, arrogant and even unreasonable. But, really to be honest, most passengers are quiet, pleasant and good paymasters. My usual 'four' words per trip are Hello, Okay, Thank You and Goodbye. I usually try to make conversations by starting with, After work? Going home? How's your day? Shopping? Party? it all depends on locations. Sometimes I get good and kind replies like Yah, Yes, OK lah, haha or no sound at all, you know what I mean. Anyway, life goes on and I keep on learning.......

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