Thursday, August 4, 2011

how's the going ?.....

"How's your luck today?"
"Ah, no good lah, lost few hundred dollar.. when win always a little bit but when lose, plenty plenty. Cannot win money in casino one lah!"
"Then, why you always come?"
"Aiyah, maybe one day got luck can hit Jackpot what."
This is a typical answer I get with my usual way of greeting passengers, men and women, young or old at both casinos, the MBS and RWS, and most times I get negative results but of course there are the occasional elated winners with tales of good luck and many many losers with big 'IFs'. Winners will show you a bit of extra tips like 'keep the change', and losers, what do you think? Well, picking up commuters at these two joints gives me an additional surcharge of $3 in earnings but I don't normally queue at these places unless I happen to be in those vicinities. Conversations with these passengers are always very interesting, continuous with lots of sighs, exclamations of big losses and many stories of missed 'Big' jackpots couple with 'Top Tips' and 'Winning Systems' and what have you. You can see how excited and spontaneous when they chat and we really enjoy much laughter throughout the journey. I look forward to these kind of trips, they make my day...........

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