Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy making friends from around the world.......

I simply love driving my cab everywhere in Singapore. Everyday I get to meet passengers from all walks of life, locals, PRs, expats, foreign workers which also include 'the illegal ones' and most of all tourists from all over the world.
Last night, I had the opportunity to fetch an Expat Scottish couple from Orchard Hotel to a condominium along Grange road. They have been living here for about a year and were both very happy and wishing to stay on for a much longer time. They both love the tropical weather and did not mind the humidity at all and felt very comfortable moving around in casuals. The gentleman mentioned about having to put on tie and coat everyday back home which I gathered he does not like so much. All of us were happily enjoying our chit-chats throughout the short journey. The fare was only $3.40 but the ever smiling lady insisted that I take $6.00 saying its Singapore's birthday today. We wished each other well and I was on the road again.
It was entirely a different situation with my next passengers, a middle-aged Korean couple with their young teenage daughter who flagged my cab. You see, the three of them Korean tourists could hardly speak English. I used everyday 'hand' language to ask for any name cards or papers they may have and luckily, the wife reached into her handbag and gave me a sort of letter which had small printed words Regent Hotel in it. I asked aloud "Regent Hotel?" and the man, looking a bit sheepish and bewildered shook his head very slightly which I presumed must be it and drove them straight to the Regent Hotel at Cuscaden Road. I could tell they were very grateful to be back at their hotel and again I had to use my hand language to indicate the $5.oo fare which the man readily handed to me and also gave me an appreciative smile. I felt very good to be able to assist them as I started on the road once again.......  

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