Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day in Day out.....

I drive approximately 240 kilometres everyday which comes to about 40 kilometres per hour, that's right. Nowadays I work only 6 hours a day with half an hour's break for food and refreshments. I leave my house at 4.45pm daily and stop driving around midnight, where you can find me relaxing over a cup of black coffee and working on my Iphone, or meet up with friends and other cabbies for some idle chit-chat till about 1.00am or so.
After which I will head towards my taxi company's pump base near Leng Kee Road to fill up my tank and thereafter go look for something to eat before going home which is usually between 2.30am to 3.00am.
At home I will write, check on my emails, go to facebook or surf the net till 7.00am, that's when my Straits Times and New Paper will arrive and after I've gone through both papers I will then 'hit the sack', usually before 9.00am.
This daily routine has become a habit. Time has indeed passed us by so quickly and before we know it, we are into the last quarter of 2011. Many events have come and gone as you and I are aware of, New Year's, festivals, G.Elections, birthdays, parades, etc., and more coming our way just as fast.
Sometimes I wish, how nice it would be to possess a 'Life Speedometer'.........

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