Saturday, August 13, 2011

"catch me if you can....."

Fare CHEATS are getting bolder and on the rise this year. Each time I pick up young teenagers (most common group types) in twos and threes, I become very wary. I would scrutinise and engage them in chit chats as well as listen in on their conversations and trust my instincts through their behaviour patterns after having encountered five bad experiences with them in the past.
It is very difficult and impossible to recover our losses from them. The Public Transport Council Act, though quite strict with punishments meted out previously, have not really deterred these 'dodgers'. First timers are fined $1000 and repeat offenders $2000 including 6 months behind bars.
I remembered in 2005, there was this serial cheat who dodged fares from at least 18 cabbies, was finally caught and sentenced to 3 years in jail. Fare cheats are usually young 'thrill seekers' similar to those petty thieves and snatchers with their 'catch me if you can' mentalities.
Well, how I wish we can be allowed to install cctv gadgets in our cabs, it could possibly be an effective deterrent I think.........

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