Wednesday, July 27, 2011

interesting chit-chats.......

Now and then I get to engage in 'chit-chats' with my passengers who may vary from all walks of life on all types of topics ranging from family, relationships, sports, food, politics, health, in fact practically anything and everything as well as being a 'counsellor' and 'advisor'.
During these sessions which I thoroughly enjoy, I get to relax very much and it also helps to pass my time quickly in my daily long hours of work. It gives me great opportunities to exercise my mind and continuously learning new things and experiences. Being someone who has been involved in doing businesses, self-employed for more than thirty years, you can say I'm truly a 'Jack of all Trades' but master of none. In games, I have played golf all over the island, only a social golfer, and was a former 200 bowler, swimmer, badminton player. In secondary school, a shot-put, discus and javelin champion. I should say I love taking part in everything if possible, was hyper-active during my younger days and if you may like, also someone like a 'Mr. Knowall'. Therefore, chatting with my passengers allows me to recall my past activities to engage in conversations. Singing is one of my happy hobbies, which also includes playing backgammon, gardening and movies. I used to play some musical instruments but sadly was unable to sit for my grade eight violin examinations in 1961 due to a horrific accident during a friendly rugby game which got my left forearm crushed and eventually also squashed as a potential violinist. At present, I still have the same old four inch stainless steel plate with four screws nicely embedded to remind me of that fateful day.
I have gone through many, many adventures, good and bad during my heydays, playing mahjong and during the '70s was also an ardent racehorse owner. Indeed, I had a very colourful lifestyle and must admit still at it, but most importantly, I strive to be happy always. I have given it much thought and finally decided to be a listening ear, confidant, adviser, etc in all happenings that you are involved in. I am your friend, Ask Uncle Frank and I will try my utmost to give you answers.
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  1. Hi Uncle Frank

    Good chatting with you that night in your cab, one of the most enjoyable cab rides I have had.

    Thank You,

    Engineer from Bukit Panjang to Tanjong Pagar

  2. Mr. Engineer, it was a great pleasure having you as my passenger, hope we meet again someday. Cheers !