Monday, July 18, 2011

Hello there, I'm back, I'm back.....

Hello everybody! I'm so happy to be back again after such a long lay off, more than 2 years I think. Its a long long story starting with me being down with 'pancreatitis', initially suspected with having cancer as well. Luckily for me, it was not cancerous.
To put it briefly, I suffered lost of weight by 25 lbs suddenly and then started having diarrhoea everyday, I mean everyday, non stop, each time I consume anything including water, it was simply terrible, rushing to wherever the toilet is. This disease was costly, regular hospital checkups, medicines, lost of income and most of all, time wasted. I recovered fully nearly last year to discover another long term disease striking me just 3 months ago. Very troublesome, having to inject myself twice a day and personally taking blood test, finger tip type, 4 times a day twice a week and the changing of my diet worst of all. Lucky again for me, after appointment with NUH doctor last week, and after following proper dieting for 2 months, my very good blood glucose record, I was put on oral medication, one tablet twice a day and to check blood once a week. Phew, what a huge, slight relief for the time being.
What next? I used to have a 36" waist line, but today a neat 33" waist and only weighing 67 kg, which makes me look sexier after going through the enforced vigorous slimming process, hahaha. Look out for my next episode, I will give you an insight into my 4 heart attacks about 13 years ago, very, very interesting......... meanwhile, I better get ready to go and drive............

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