Wednesday, July 27, 2011

interesting chit-chats.......

Now and then I get to engage in 'chit-chats' with my passengers who may vary from all walks of life on all types of topics ranging from family, relationships, sports, food, politics, health, in fact practically anything and everything as well as being a 'counsellor' and 'advisor'.
During these sessions which I thoroughly enjoy, I get to relax very much and it also helps to pass my time quickly in my daily long hours of work. It gives me great opportunities to exercise my mind and continuously learning new things and experiences. Being someone who has been involved in doing businesses, self-employed for more than thirty years, you can say I'm truly a 'Jack of all Trades' but master of none. In games, I have played golf all over the island, only a social golfer, and was a former 200 bowler, swimmer, badminton player. In secondary school, a shot-put, discus and javelin champion. I should say I love taking part in everything if possible, was hyper-active during my younger days and if you may like, also someone like a 'Mr. Knowall'. Therefore, chatting with my passengers allows me to recall my past activities to engage in conversations. Singing is one of my happy hobbies, which also includes playing backgammon, gardening and movies. I used to play some musical instruments but sadly was unable to sit for my grade eight violin examinations in 1961 due to a horrific accident during a friendly rugby game which got my left forearm crushed and eventually also squashed as a potential violinist. At present, I still have the same old four inch stainless steel plate with four screws nicely embedded to remind me of that fateful day.
I have gone through many, many adventures, good and bad during my heydays, playing mahjong and during the '70s was also an ardent racehorse owner. Indeed, I had a very colourful lifestyle and must admit still at it, but most importantly, I strive to be happy always. I have given it much thought and finally decided to be a listening ear, confidant, adviser, etc in all happenings that you are involved in. I am your friend, Ask Uncle Frank and I will try my utmost to give you answers.
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Traffic woes.......

Heavy traffic flow, very slow moving along main highways and roads, is now an everyday happening. Its no longer enjoyable driving anywhere in Singapore. It is getting extremely tiring to drive my cab everyday in these worsening traffic conditions. Cost of diesel has shot up sky high lately and there's no sign of any reduction in the distant future. My daily take home nett earnings has been slashed by at least $20.00 per day.
I get tired much more easily and have recently driven lesser by as many as three hours a day, I think being more alert and having greater concentration in both driving and looking out for potential passengers is taking its toll. Meanwhile, passengers, both young and old are less talkative, I suppose with newer high tech handsets they seem more occupied talking on their phones, browsing or playing games with them throughout the whole journey.
On the other hand, the opening of two casinos with its resorts, new hotels, restaurants, shopping outlets have indeed provided a huge and consistant flow of available passengers. In fact, we get more foreign customers these days rather than locals. The only complaint for us taxi drivers, I guess, is not being able to move about quickly enough, due to heavy traffic conjestions which inevitably causes us a loss of additional fares.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Its a Miracle ! Its a Miracle !

A very good old friend of mine, Roy, (I know now that he is the Angel) called me in the next couple of days to tell me to go to Batu Pahat, Malaysia to seek a Mr. Kang, an 80-year-old qigong master, reputed to have the ability to heal my condition. I was of course sceptical and cannot believe what he said. I mean, I have gone through angiogram, seen photos of my blocked arteries and with all kinds of information of high medical technology to treat my condition and he claimed that the qigong master can really heal me. He told me to make an appointment with this 'sinseh' (chinese doctor) immediately. I was not impressed at all, and made no bookings. Roy called me the next day to inquire if I had done what he told me to do and I answered no. He became very angry, scolded me and still insisted I must see this QM. Made me promise to do it straightaway and will call me back again to check. Yes he did, and continued insisting I go and finally on the third day, I made the appointment to see Mr. Kang the following day. I thought maybe I should give it a try and anyway I've got nothing to lose. I called my daughter Suelynn to tell her about my going to Batu Pahat to see this qigong master and see what he can do for me, and she said to me, (I'll never forget those words). She told me go ahead and give it a try because "God works in mysterious ways". That's it, I made up my mind. I asked my younger brother Eddie to drive me there since he was free and had his motor vehicle, he agreed.
All the way to Batu Pahat, I was like a deaf mute, or rather like a 'zombie', half dead I dare say. Mr. Kang lives in a terrace house and his consultation room, rather bare, was a very small side partition beside the main building, with just a piece of curtain to act like a door. My heart sank, OMG, another one of those 'Quacks' ! Anyway I'm already there. For half an hour, Mr. Kang used the back of his palm together with some chinese medicinal oil began beating both my arms till charcoal coloured black spots appeared in patches on both my arms. It was quite painful with his continuous beating till he stopped. He told me I was healed, just like that. "Squat and stand, squat and stand, then take a deep breath" he said. I did as told, and it was just fantastic, I was simply elated. I could not believe it. I could breathe and did an extra few more squats, then I walked briskly to the toilet just behind the room and towards the front of his house at least twice. I thanked him profusely and asked if I should come back again for follow up treatment and he said not necessary as I am already healed. He gave me no medicinal prescriptions at all, but just pay him a fee of S$50.00 and that was it. Still feeling a bit sceptical once again, I decided on my own to visit Mr. Kang three more times, one week after the other. This is indeed a MIRACLE and it is now already nearly 13 years later and I still feel good. "JESUS loves me yes I know for the Bible tells me so."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have already suffered 4 heart attacks - frightening isn't it. The last time was a 'massive' heart attack, meaning all arteries were severely choked, very, very serious indeed. And I was like 'gasping' for breath most of the time whilst warded in SGH. I had to have an oxygen mask off and on most of the time. This happened in late 1998. The doctor verbally gave me about 2 months to live, and I told myself that this was The End for me. Being very stubborn, I refused to have a by-pass, which the doctor claimed would give me at least 30 years of healthy living. At that particular time I could not accept that the doctor could play 'God', judged me and sentenced me. It was then that I started to pray and pray continuously for God to heal me or maybe even create or make a 'miracle' happen, for deep inside of me, I was really very scared and very fearful of what will happen next, I guess I was only human. Feeling lost and lonely, I decided after 7 days to be discharged. Doctors and staff suggested having oxygen tanks to be handy and me being the arrogant one simply refused.
Finally, at home, I could only move very, very slowly, even to turn my head to the right and left was dangerous as it could cause me to breathe slightly more which was just impossible, I laid in bed, but continued praying to the Almighty. Then.......... (p.s. a lot of tension now building up, I think I need to make a cup of coffee and relax a bit, maybe I better continue tomorrow, till then, bye for now.)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hello there, I'm back, I'm back.....

Hello everybody! I'm so happy to be back again after such a long lay off, more than 2 years I think. Its a long long story starting with me being down with 'pancreatitis', initially suspected with having cancer as well. Luckily for me, it was not cancerous.
To put it briefly, I suffered lost of weight by 25 lbs suddenly and then started having diarrhoea everyday, I mean everyday, non stop, each time I consume anything including water, it was simply terrible, rushing to wherever the toilet is. This disease was costly, regular hospital checkups, medicines, lost of income and most of all, time wasted. I recovered fully nearly last year to discover another long term disease striking me just 3 months ago. Very troublesome, having to inject myself twice a day and personally taking blood test, finger tip type, 4 times a day twice a week and the changing of my diet worst of all. Lucky again for me, after appointment with NUH doctor last week, and after following proper dieting for 2 months, my very good blood glucose record, I was put on oral medication, one tablet twice a day and to check blood once a week. Phew, what a huge, slight relief for the time being.
What next? I used to have a 36" waist line, but today a neat 33" waist and only weighing 67 kg, which makes me look sexier after going through the enforced vigorous slimming process, hahaha. Look out for my next episode, I will give you an insight into my 4 heart attacks about 13 years ago, very, very interesting......... meanwhile, I better get ready to go and drive............