Sunday, February 14, 2010

Business rather slow as well as tiring......

WISHING ALL BLOG FOLLOWERS "A HAPPY, HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR !!!" I have not been putting up any posts lately due to fatigue and also slow business but mostly not encountering any good or interesting happenings to really write about, maybe after the Chinese New Year.........


  1. Hi Uncle Frank,
    This is Diana here, I am working on a brand-new TV series for CNA titled "Taxi to Asia"
    This series aims to showcase lives of cabbies from all over Asia.
    we are seeking to speak to a Singapore cabby to hear his personal experience – his thoughts of driving around the city.
    Would you be keen to help us in our research?
    Please kindly contact me at: for further details
    Thanks a million :)

  2. hi uncle frank? where are you? haven't seen you put anymore entry?