Monday, January 18, 2010

very, very 'addictive' gadget.......

I will always stop if possible to watch 'line-dancing' whenever or wherever there is this function going on in big open spaces, but recently there are not too many of these gatherings and I have not personally seen these different groups of dancers for quite sometime. I enjoy listening to the loud music and watching people of all ages dancing together in front of total strangers, exercising and entertaining themselves as well, I may not have been in the right places at the right time I think.
It is interesting to see changes in leisure and lifestyle activities these days and most common of all today is the use and the presence of computers everywhere, in kopitiams, parks, void decks, pubs, lounges, even in private and public vehicles, most of them expensive, latest and stylish slimly built Lap Tops. Watching movies, writing e-mails, doing business, playing games, surfing the net and etc. 
Indeed this activity is overwhelming and whatever old and past interests are nearly all forgotten once you get attached and addicted to this gadget. I am sitting in front of one right now and yes, of course, with my cup of coffee too.

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