Saturday, January 2, 2010

sometimes when rain comes, its simply cool.......

Today was yet another very quiet and slow day and to make things worse, the rain had to come. Whenever rain comes, people tend to stay home rather than go out to socialize or do their favourite things. It is always a nice feeling just staying home and laze, hear the rainfalls, watch TV or just simply catching up on 'lost' sleep by going to bed extra early.
For people like myself, I still need to go to work to earn a bit or at least to earn enough to cover my daily rentals but sometimes the mood to drive is simply not there when the rain comes. Like everyone else, we try to shy away from having to start work immediately by telling ourselves that with this kind of weather there won't be so many people waiting for taxis or think that most people are likely to stay home and therefore business will definitely be slack so just take easy or if we have to move, maybe land ourselves at some nice kopitiam, have coffee, relax and wait for the rain to stop. 
Of course these are lame excuses and to be more truthful we are actually just plain lazy or bored and anyway for those of us who are on the road practically everyday without any off days sometimes for a continuously long stretch of time, we do need a break. So when rain comes, it is such a relief for it is one of our strongest reasons to excuse ourselves.
For me, without fail, the aroma of coffee is most irresistable.


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  2. Uncle Frank, where are you when it rain?

    You are most needed when it rain!

    There's a long queue waiting to return home or office at the taxi-stands and they are praying for the taxis to arrive. Please answer their prayers when it rain.

    Overheard the impatient commuters waiting in the queue on a raining day: "Thank God, the cab arrived. Amen"!