Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Conversations 'start-ups' made easy.........

Hot topics most talked about or discussed between me and my passengers lately have been about the menacing Loan Sharking activities with their unending or unstoppable harrassments, Crimes of Passion, cruel Murders of young children and most recently about Muslims' objections and forbidding Christians to use the sacred word "Allah" and terrorising Churches in Malaysia and also a lot about the common maid abuses and Greedy local Citizens being continuously caught in various types of "Scams". 
These subjects are interestingly "gossipy", very sensational and wide-spread among the local community and most of all, for Cabbies, the easiest to start up conversations which makes for comfortable and quick dispatch of passengers because before any suggestions or arguments can be made, for or against, between us, the destinations arrive too soon. We are never lacking in surprises with each passing day. In fact, news about something very 'sensational' happening is becoming endless and too overloaded such as, with Beckham 'dropping' his shorts, Tiger's sexy lifestyle together with countless scandals, Idol's sarcastic and most loved personality quitting the Hit show, racial discrimination of Indians 'down under', North Korea's and Iran's Nuclear 'obsessions, surge of Pirates attacks and kidnapping activity, Weather changes and more and more of Nature's vicious "Attacks" and encounters with all types of Flu's, Viruses imaginable, then the arrival of our most talked about Integrated Resorts, Casinos and Hotels and what have you........... 
But right now, for me, "Coffee is Best!".

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