Sunday, December 6, 2009

who's right, who's wrong..........

Imagine leaving your only child, 15 years of age, who is down with H1N1 to fend for herself, I would definitely not! The parents should have gone for H1N1 innoculation in the first place if they are fearful of being infected by their daughter and stay by her, instead of, I would call it 'abandoning' and running away from their responsibilities. It is like watching your loved one drowning right in front of your eyes and you just watch because you're afraid you might drown too if you try to rescue, unless of course if you are very old and sick or too weak to even try to help, then it's a different story. I feel sad to even think that parents can do such when their child needs them most.
Then again, I come across this common everyday fickle quarrel over small change, in this case over two 5 cent coins at El Ameen Eating House opposite Beauty World, there is totally no give or take attitudes and not even trying to understand or be considerate instead of being arrogant and showing off by paying with a piece of thousand dollar note for a $1.20 packet of tea "Teh Tarik".
In my line of work, I have also been involved, occasionally with small change difficulties. Such as being paid with a $100 piece of note for a small fare of $4 and once $3.20. Passengers have to try to understand that we, taxi drivers are not money-changers and we dare not hold too much cash for security reasons. Therefore, we would most appreciate it if passengers can prepare or be ready with small change for short trips, of course we try to accomodate as much as possible.

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