Sunday, December 13, 2009

very happy and grateful to see lost property again....

The past weekend was quite dull and uneventful except for a handphone which I found wedged between my taxi's rear seat and backrest whilst cleaning my cab after calling it a day. It was an old model Nokia handphone left behind by one of my passengers, and whilst looking at the phone, it suddenly rang the old common house telephone ringing tone. I answered it and an excited voice was rambling straightaway about having lost his mobile. He begged me to return the phone and promised me a good reward, all these said before I can even ask him to identify the colour or model or call the number one more time to confirm that it was his property. I told him that he has only to pay me the cab fare when I see him, after I finished washing and cleaning my cab. This passenger happened to be an elderly man, very polite and thankful and happy to see his phone again. He told me that so many precious contacts would have been lost and stored personal important data lost forever if not found. He tried to push a $50/- note into my hands but I refused to accept. He was very persistent, I think more grateful is the word and insisted that I took the money, I eventually accepted $10/- since my fare meter showed $9.20 and that ended a rather quiet but continuous work routine without much break, many traffic jams and I was truly worn out.

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