Thursday, December 10, 2009

unsavoury under-cover activities......

There are different types of taxi drivers that cruise around everyday in their cabs, but they do not or will not pick up passengers at all. Many commuters are frustrated by their "On Call" or "Busy" signs displayed each time they try to hail a cab. This usually happens during the "Peak" hours between 5pm and 8pm and after that, the "going home" time between 9.30pm and 10.30pm. Why?
You see, there are a number of taxi drivers who make use of their cabs for personal reasons. They use it full time to go around collecting debts, as in "Loan Sharking" activities, which recently made the headlines in our local media, they use it for doing their illegal book-making business which is thriving with 4 days of horse racing every week, they use it for going around everywhere to collect their "Punters" weekly bets on illegal Toto and 4D lotteries covering nearly everyday of the week, and they use it for ferrying only privately arranged "Special" passengers, those who are involved in vice and others, such as hostesses, mostly illegal ones to different night spots all over the island.
Taxi operators are in the dark as to what their drivers are doing so long as daily rentals are paid promptly. They are not so concerned and our local authorities know of such activities going on but it is very difficult for them to apprehend these wayward drivers due to lack of vital information other than catching them red handed in the act. I get to learn from, at the same time, listen to a lot of "Whats happening" during my coffee breaks and daily meals at coffee shops and food centres where most taxi drivers frequent because of free and easy parking facilities and nearby conveniences. There are still many other taxi drivers who make use of their rented taxis for different private purposes, all these errant drivers fortunately belong to a small minority.
No, I don't type my blogs with a lap top in my cab, only on my desk top in the comfort of my home together with my "Ownself Made" cups of coffee.........

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