Saturday, December 5, 2009

state of affairs of Churches and Churchgoers......

Picked up a Canadian gentleman from Hyatt Hotel who wanted to go to Costa Rhu (Tanjong Rhu) at about 11pm. Along the way, he told me that he noticed great numbers of churchgoers, young and old, attending churches here, unlike in Canada where only senior citizens and maybe a handful of grandchildren attend churches. Nowadays, many Canadians are just not attending churches there. Most Anglican church members are against their church giving blessings to 'gay' marriages which is legal in Canada and this has caused breaking up from 'mother' church into starting their own new Anglican Church of Canada. 
He told me that there are about 300,000 Anglicans presently in Canada but due to dwindling membership, he thinks in about 30 years, the Anglican Church will become obsolete. He said, as it is, many churches have gone bankrupt or had to be disbanded as attendances keep falling. The Catholic Church has its share of problems with child molestations and child pornography and is losing many church members. Its Church has paid millions in cover-ups, denials and settlements and, imagine, only last month a Roman Catholic Bishop was arrested for illegal possession of child pornographic materials, this Bishop travels frequently to Vietnam and Thailand in search of children, how sick can he be. 
Many churches have gone bankrupt because it cannot keep going without enough churchgoers and some had to be sold off to become restaurants, hardware stores or even converted into nightclubs with strippers performing at the altar.
"Good Lord!" he exclaimed, and continued, "Sad, very sad" he said, the state of affairs of churches in Canada with its dwindling and continuous loss of followers have caused great concern in the country. He said he has been here for almost two months now and will be going home next weekend, he added that Singapore churchgoers are very staunch, active, vibrant, and most times the churches here are packed and crowded unlike back home in his country. 
All the way to Costa Rhu, I just listened quietly and when we reached his destination, he paid the metered fare and said "Thank you for listening to my talk, take care and God bless" I thanked him at the same time as we bade farewell....
Phew!!.....that was indeed a long "talk" and now, its time for my favourite "Teh Tarik" at Geylang, Lorong one......