Friday, December 4, 2009

slow night and cheap meals......

It was an extremely slow night for me yesterday but I still managed to cover my rental and made a little bit, so I spent extra longer time enjoying my 'lunch' 8.30pm and also my 'dinner' at 1.30am. For 'lunch' I had this very special cheap chicken rice meal which costs $2/- only at the Bendemeer Road market, maybe promotion going on indefinitely and it was not bad at all and there was also a small queue at the stall. As for 'dinner', I was having wanton mee, very cheap also, only $2/- at Henderson Road popular coffee shop, well known for its porridge and assortment of dishes. The wanton mee is from the same stall as the popular 24-hour duck and char siew/siow bak stall. This corner coffee shop is especially crowded with taxi drivers at all times and has been there for many years already, you cannot miss it as you drive along Henderson Road.

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