Monday, December 14, 2009


Everyday I meet up with total strangers in my cab, we wish and greet each other, say countless thank you's and goodbyes, make short conversations, sometimes even talk and joke as if we were old friends, sometimes we even argue over disagreements, show a bit of anger, maybe get involved in mild quarrels over trifle matters such as, which is a better route to take or travelling speed too fast, too slow, or disputes over fare charges, but generally, we experience normal pleasant encounters with our passengers. The most interesting part and rewarding aspect of a taxi driver is, being able to help in assisting one to locate their destination which happens quite often or recovering and returning their properties left in our taxis. At times, we also try to confide and console, as well as listen to whatever problems and woes that our passengers may have. There are those who are happy and grateful to us for helping out and some even express their gratitudes by offering us rewards or giving us good tips. Indeed, we get a lot of 'job satisfaction' in our profession.

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