Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"recession" in Singapore??....

Singapore, I think, is about the only country in the world where you can witness its citizens queueing overnight to buy an apartment which costs more than a million dollars as soon as an opening date is announced for the sale of a new block of apartments or the opening sale of a new condominium block of flats. People will bring along their umbrellas, blankets, stools together with snacks and titbits, sleeping, resting, chit-chatting, reading newspapers or magazines whilst lining up in an orderly queue awaiting the doors of the sales office to open inorder to secure their purchase of a choice apartment, this is often done on a first come first serve basis. There again, if you were to talk about a recession happening in Singapore, I doubt there is, as the pace and life goes on uninterrupted with shoppers doing their favourite chores and the hordes of people still crowding outside popular eateries, food centres and restaurants everyday as usual. During the much talk about 'recession' period, I have observed that life goes on very normally and I don't hear of many people talking of failures in their business ventures nor about many people suffering or even about news of suicides due to financial distress, there is no such scenes in Singapore. I believe you agree with me on this too.

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