Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Performed "angioplasty" in the kitchen......

Picked up this American expat and on the way to his hotel, The Ritz Carlton, he was saying that most people in his country are handy-men. He related that one day, in the kitchen with his wife, she noticed gargling sounds, bubbles and liquid was stucked and so he performed a simple angioplasty. "You mean, you are a surgeon, and you performed angioplasty on your wife, in the kitchen?" I asked.
"Oh, no, no, no," he explained, "My wife noticed that the water in the kitchen sink had refused to go down the drainage opening... obviously there was a blockage in the drainage system and so I performed something similar to angioplasty, clearing the blockage was very similar to angioplasty, you know what I mean, simply pushing down an auger and the clogged pipe (blocked artery) was then free of grease (cholesterol plague) which finally allowed water (blood) to flow freely in the system, got it?"
I laughed and said, "Interesting, comparing our blood arteries to our house drainage pipes!! For a moment I thought ..."
"Yeah, yeah, I knew it!" he chuckled.
This guy then recommended using a cup of bio-degradable degreaser monthly for my sink, its just like drinking warm Chinese tea after dinner to act as a degreaser for all the fatty foods that we eat.
"Hmmm, sounds sensible!!! Thank you." I said, as we arrived at the hotel. He paid the fare plus a little bit extra and said, "Goodnight, drive carefully."
I replied "I will, thank you and goodnight."
As I drove off, I thought he was chatty, interesting and a witty American, nice guy.

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