Friday, December 25, 2009

its a good Christmas eve.........

At 5.00pm, it was the start of a very fruitful and non-stop workday. The first passenger I picked up was this pretty young lady from United Square taxi stand. She was first in the long queue and had been waiting for about 20 minutes. She was going home to Yishun street 11, and along the way, we had a pleasant conversation. She told me she was going to have dinner with her family first and later in the evening at about 10pm, she would be celebrating Christmas with about ten of her former secondary schoolmates including a few childhood friends at St. James Power Station where they had already booked a table in one of the clubs where Cantonese and Hokkien songs are part of the music being played there. She said after finishing her secondary education eight or nine years ago, she and her friends have been keeping in close touch with each other and have partied together on festive occasions regularly and tonight is going to be another big bash. Her metered fare came to $18.30 and fares more or less around this amount seemed to be the order of the day as I worked on.
The beauty of this Christmas eve workday for me is that I did not at any time encountered traffic jams at all. It was smooth travelling and there were eager and ready passengers everywhere throughout my working time. I only took two breaks, half an hour each, and the rest of the time was on the road till I called it a day at 3.25am. My overall gross takings amounted to $247.00 for about nine and a half hours of work which was very good. I could have continued for another two more hours but my legs are feeling very tired right now.

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