Friday, December 11, 2009

interesting 'signs' on the road.........

During a visit from a friend of mine from Canada, he did mention that our local traffic lacks interesting and funny signs advertising their business, unlike those in Canada where one truck has the sign that says, "Our business is BLOOMING.....(Blooming Flowers Supplier)". Another has on its sides that says, "G.O.D.".........(Gordon's Overnite Delivery), which he noticed along the interstate highways in New York state. Another truck that says, "We deliver on time, it's not a FLUKE !!!".......(Fluke Transport Co.), and finally, another that says, "We love your stinky biz.".......(Thomas Bros. Sewers specialists), and so many, many more lively ones to keep your spirits up and laughing as you travel to work everyday.
How true, in fact, with the constant slow moving traffic and jams that we encounter everyday on our roads and highways, it would be a nice distraction away from our daily stress and frustrations on the road. My friend also told me that many motorists drive their cars with personalised vanity licensed plates in his country, such as, "I EARN" (the husband's car), "I SPEND" (the wife's car), and a list of other interesting name plates like, "MBA PHD", "OK LAH", "TAXI MUM", "I LUV U", "JOHN LEE" and "MARY LOU", he added that these names are restricted to 8 letters or digits and must not be derogatory in nature. I bet most Singaporeans would love to purchase such personalised licence plates for their autos and our govt would also get to make tons of money.

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  1. If i'm not wrong, Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA) disallow vowels A,E,I,O,U on car plats.

    In Malaysia, you can find PAR15 (sounds like Paris) on some sports car I have see years back.

    Clearly, creativity is diminished in tightly controlled environment.