Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the difference between weekdays and weekends....

Picked up this guy along Newton Road outside Goldhill Plaza. His destination is Yishun Street 81 and he seem a little bit high, maybe had too much to drink. It was about 10.45pm and he was in high spirits and chatty. He told me why pubs and lounges with hostesses do very good business during week-days but not so good during weekends. This is why, he said,
"We guys, most of us are usually family men and you know, we need to spend time with the family during weekends, go to country clubs, our children go swimming or bowling, wives pull jackpot machines or chit chat with other members' wives and the men maybe do a bit of golfing or have some drinks at the club and in the evenings bring the family for dinner at eating houses, food centres or restaurants and therefore we are tied up and cannot escape from the family, practically the whole day have to be with them, so how to go spend time and enjoy ourselves in pubs and lounges? But come weekdays, thats when the children have to be at home doing their school work and most wives supervising them, and for us, yes man, our turn, we need to take a break from our daily busy work routine and relax, and that's where we go to hang out and have fun. See, thats why clubs, pubs and lounges continuously do good business, because of us married men. Unmarried men and women would prefer to spend their time together, locked in a private world of their own, why go spend money in those places. Am I right?"
"Very true, very true! And how often and how much money do you normally spend in these places?" I asked. He replied "Oh, sometimes two or three times a week, maybe spend around two to three hundred dollars each time, okay lah, I work hard, I earn good money, no problem man. Uncle, Uncle just drop me at the bus stop in front will do, thanks."
He paid me $15/- "Keep the change, Good night." Before I can even say thank you and goodnight, he already disappeared from behind the bus stop. Well, what do you know, he must have had a good time and enjoyed himself thoroughly.
Its about 11.15pm now, and I think I am also going to have a good time with a puff and a cup of coffee at the local 24 hour coffee "Club" at Chong Pang...........

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