Wednesday, December 23, 2009

business today was very good.......

It was a very good day for me as I had a continuous flow of passengers who paid fares the lowest being $11.50 and the highest at $26.50 so at the end of the day, I managed a collection high of $170/- and after deducting $43/- for rental and $18.70 for diesel, I had a nett take home pay of $108.30 which I consider an excellent earning for one day, hopefully I can score a double tomorrow. Throughout my working hours, nothing eventful happened only the usual "Hello" and "Thank You" and almost all trips were away from the city areas which was a plus, including not getting caught in any traffic jams. At around 9.00pm, I took a very short break at Drive 6 food centre where I had only a bowl of "laksa" and a "kopi-oh" which took only about 20 minutes and I was on the road again.
On all trips, three passengers slept throughout their journey, three were chatting softly on their mobiles all the way and the rest just sat quietly either together with their partners or just by themselves, I drove steadily and at the same time took note of the going ons to keep myself from getting bored, these sort of situations are very rare, but most welcomed although I would have preferred a bit of mouth action off and on which helps keep my mind occupied and alert.

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