Tuesday, December 22, 2009

about charitable donations to ...........

At last, my computer is working normally again. Last night, whilst ferrying my caucasian passenger whom I picked up near People's Park Complex going to Royal Hotel at Newton Road, we chatted casually about giving donations to charity. I told him about an anonymous donor in Singapore who would deposit into the charity box of a temple, a $1,000/= note, and this went on for many weeks, of course it was much welcomed without any questions asked. My passenger then told me that the Salvation Army in Toronto sent out many of its volunteers to deposit charity boxes outside the entrances of malls this Christmas. There, the usual coins and notes are dropped into "The Kettle" as the box is known, but yesterday, when the Salvation Army counted their collections, there was this small envelope in one of the boxes that contained a real diamond wedding ring. They concluded that it must have come from a "Full Heart" or from a widower with a "Broken Heart" and of course, it was welcomed without any questions asked............."MERRY CHRISTMAS" to all you blog followers!!!!

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