Saturday, November 21, 2009

Water, water everywhere........

Yesterday and today have been quite slow moving and it therefore makes me easily tired when nothing exciting happens except for the sudden bad flash floods and vehicles getting bogged down, here and there. Lucky for me I don't happen to be or near those disaster areas as I ride out the rainfalls in kopitiams, either eating or drinking coffee till the rains subside.
Talking of floods, it has been a long, long time since, when regular floodings occur during heavy downpours along many, many roads. I remember times when my friends and I during our school days, would wait and anxiously watch for cars to be stalled and stucked in flood waters and then offer our services to push their vehicles to safety for a bit of pocket money. It was part time work, a lot of fun and getting well paid for just pushing cars out of the flooded roads. When rain falls, the heavier the better, we become rich kids. Those were happy days for us school boys to make money until the Authorities began putting plugs and improving drainage to do away with future floodings. Still, all kinds of 'catastrophies' will befall us at any time, anywhere, without warning causing untold heartaches, tragedies, loss of properties including loss of lives when an 'act of God' occurs. With all our superior high tech creations and inventions to try to prevent or to fight these calamities, we must acknowledge and be humbled by what God can do.

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