Sunday, November 15, 2009

usually with first time visitors

The other day I picked up this Scottish couple from Changi Airport T2 and they were from Germany, first time visitors to Singapore. They were both in their fifties, eager, very excited and as soon as I help them load their 2 big luggages into my cab, they quickly settled down in the back seat, and straightaway a flurry of questions came forth from both of them simultaneously.
Firstly, they kept admiring the greeneries, cleanliness whilst exclaiming how nice and neat the trees are lined up on both sides of the road as we travelled along the ECP heading towards the city to Pan Pacific Hotel. They asked about the population and who's who, about what is this and what is that.
"Oh, its so beautiful, kind of hot and makes me sweaty but I love it" said the lady.
I was like a professional tourist guide, answering all their questions and telling them about all kinds of things, places of interests, shopping and food centres, its people, religions and what they don't know or what to expect. I have very often had the pleasure of welcoming our guests from overseas, especially first timers to Singapore and guided them with pride always. When we reached the hotel, they paid the fare, thanked me and showered praises like, "You speak very good English" and "You are so kind and helpful".. I thanked them, bade farewell, then drove off. This scenario and similar types of airport trips with passengers from overseas are always very satisfying and I enjoy them very much.

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