Sunday, November 22, 2009

usually the Driver only in vehicle........

If you are always on the road like I am, you will notice, especially along highways whether traffic is heavy, slow, moving or plain smooth, that inside most vehicles, most of the time, there is usually only one person in it.... the driver. So, when there is a long stretch of vehicles jammed up, not many complaints are heard from the bulk of the general public but only from the motorists themselves. They drive their vehicles mainly for their own advantage and convenience as well as to flaunt a bit of their wealth. Of course, sometimes it becomes a necessity although it is expensive to own and maintain a car. But, why not, if you are doing very well and can afford it...
Singaporeans love to complain and complain on whatever there is to complain, this is because we truly love and enjoy making complaints. Public transport like the MRT is cheap and travelling in one is a breeze, no traffic lights to wait and no traffic jams at all, very speedy clean and efficient. The buses are no different with the responsible Authorities continuously trying to upgrade and better its present system. Our taxi fleet consists of more than 24,000 taxis from 6 operating concerns and I dare say our services and fares are reasonable and comparable with nothing much to gripe about.

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