Friday, November 13, 2009

Tragedy of love gone sour..

How can a father kill his own son (5) and daughter (3)? Both so young and defenceless and both had to die so cruelly by their own father's hands. It was not the children's fault that their parents wanted a divorce, they were totally innocent and yet they had to suffer and die so wickedly. To get married, settle down and have children is all too easy. When two young people fall in love, everything between them is always yes and okay, very loving, always wanting to be together, petty quarrels and disagreements in all issues will always be resolved eventually, BUT, when they finally tie the knot and begin their marathon of life together, they then start to find out about each others' undesirable habits not known to each other or simply refuse to know or hear about them during their courtship, that's where Love is totally blind during that period of time, or should I say, it was actually only infatuation that got them stuck and bound together.
The understanding power between two persons is not easy. To forgive and forget is always sought but seldom realized, so when problems start to surface they find it difficult to cope and adjust or compromise between themselves, they shelf it for the time being, at the same time continue to harbour discontent, and allow anger to slowly build up within themselves until one fine day, the balloon must burst and all hell lets loose, that's when everything gets out of hand and war is declared. The once upon a time lovebirds became public enemy number one, and they then start fighting viciously for custody and property, sadly if one of them cannot take the pressure or traumatic turn of events, then tragedy occurs and the innocent ones suffer and even lives get wasted.

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