Sunday, November 1, 2009

this is true...

This will come as a surprise to you. Do you know that if you were in Toronto Canada, and if you happen to take a taxi, that Indian taxi driver can easily be a qualified doctor/surgeon/dentist/engineer, who emigrated to Canada, but was from India or for that matter from any country in the world, yes, even from Singapore. 
This is because, the Canadian authorities DO NOT recognise any foreign degrees (other than Phd) earned by anyone abroad and he/she has to be re-trained to perform his/her profession in Canada.
This leads us to why so many qualified people ended up as cabbies/pizza deliverers or something else just to make a living there. I was told from a very reliable source that a woman selling insurance in Toronto was formerly a Professor of Dentistry in Singapore University before she emigrated to Toronto. She was only allowed to work as a dental assistant, which she turned down. Then, there was this friend's family doctor who had his own medical practice in Singapore and with degrees from Singapore and England, but had to return to medical school for 4 years in Vancouver before being allowed to practice medicine again. There are doctors from Australia who likewise had to be retrained when they go there. AND yet, Canada is severely short of qualified doctors. Many of these overseas-trained doctors/surgeons who emigrated, are cabbies or pizza men or something else in Toronto. These too, include overseas-trained engineers. Sometimes we learn that to ignore the facts does not change the facts.


  1. hey uncle frank...
    i like reading ur entries..
    so interesting.. i started reading in oct..but i was busy that i forgot all about it
    and started reading it again
    i like the entry about the caucasian guy sleeping in ur was would sure like to catch ur cab.. but im in australia atm and wont be back till dec..well see if i can spot you next time if i ever take a cab cos i drive...but when i go back i prob wont have a car... lol...haha...u take care man..hear from u soon

  2. Try to come back before Christmas and catch me if you can. For you, I'll go one better and buy you a beer, how's that? CHEERS !

  3. Hi Uncle Frank,
    Came upon your blog recently by chance, been reading it since then. I'm might be joinning your trade soon (been haunting for jobs unsuccessfully for the past few months). Just got my approval letter from LTA and medical letter ready, but still considering am I ready for this trade as I know nothing much of Singapore roads. By the way, did you know that there's a little report on you in last night SIN MIN paper regarding the promotion of yours?

  4. Hi Anonymous, go get your taxi vocational licence first, its not that difficult learning the roads in Singapore, you will catch on fast when you start driving, so don't worry too much. Oh, is that right, I did'nt know there was a write up about my promo in Sin Min papers, anyway, thanks for letting me know, will check up on it, my Best Wishes to you.

  5. Hi Uncle Frank,
    it's me again. Need an advice from you, which do you recommend: take up the part-time taxi vocational course (about 1 & half month)or go for the e-learning? Thanks.

  6. Hi Anonymous, Go for the e-learning, that would be better and you will not regret it later. Good Luck.