Monday, November 16, 2009

tales from the past..

In the 60s' and 70s', young women in their teens or early twenties were exactly like 'cinderellas', and do you know why? Well , this is because all of them had to be home by midnight and going out after 12.00 am was immoral and unheard of. Those days women were not so outgoing and you hardly hear of girls drinking liquor or even smoking, not that they were prudes, but to be caught indulging in those activities would get you branded as 'flirts'.
They would always be drinking soft drinks and huddle in groups laughing and chatting softly among themselves when they attend house parties or organised big functions usually held at NTUC building at Shenton Way or F & N Hall (building already demolished) at River Valley Road, or even at St. Johns' Ambulance house at Beach Road to mention a few. There were no discos then, maybe a local band performing or even just playing music from the turntables, and to go dancing would mean that you would at least know how to dance the waltz, foxtrot, cha cha or even rock n roll. You need to know the steps to perform these dances, otherwise you would be seated somewhere, be a spectator or maybe like wallpaper as they were termed. If your grandfathers, grandmothers or even great grand fathers and great grand mothers are still around, with present day going ons, I think they would all just faint or maybe even drop dead. Nowadays, girlfriends even send their boyfriends home first and thereafter continue home alone by themselves, very common. I have been ferrying these girls going home on their own so frequently, not only that, I have been picking up young ladies going out alone by themselves from their homes after midnight to meet friends in the city, nightclubs, pubs or just to party anywhere and most of them unconcerned about whether they have to work the next day or not. Just imagine sending home very high and totally drunk young women who can hardly stand up or know what is going on around them. They look a wreck with their feminity exposed, this is so dangerous, what if you fall into unscrupulous hands and be taken advantaged of, I would dread to know of the consequences.......


  1. I totally agree. Sometimes i wish things would be how they were back in the past .
    It is pretty sad to see female friends losing themselves in clubs, exposing themselves to risks of being taken advantage of.
    I am sure most of them know the danger but yet.........

  2. Everything changes as time goes by, we can only try to recall fond memories when we are lucky enough to meet up with old friends but this gets more difficult as time waits for no man. And yet they still do it, sad, but life goes on. Take care and always strive to be happy. Best Wishes to you !