Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Striking" long time ago...

Nowadays, sporting activities in Singapore with the younger generation benefitting a whole lot more, getting more international exposures, wider news coverage worldwide, more sponsors, more new high-tech venues and fantastic monetary rewards. All these including The Singapore Sports School nurturing yet more new talents, has truly given a huge boost to our future sporting arena.
I remembered in those days, in my early twenties, I was very keen in bowling, even had my own bowling team, played in different league tournaments and spent continuous days and nights in different bowling alleys. I was good then, but hardly exposed to national tournaments let alone competing in the international arena where our Remy won high accolades and also very well rewarded and recognised for his efforts not too long ago. During my time, bowling became a kind of part time job where you can earn an extra bit of pocket money whilst competing with all levels of bowlers from anywhere. It was great fun and I enjoyed every bit of it, in fact, I was then unemployed but with my bowling skills, was earning an "Executive" salary every month for almost two years, including buying myself a brand new Toyota Celica 1600 cc car. When I first became a businessman, I continued to bowl occasionally whilst doing my own businesses for a while but due to work constraints and business pressures, I eventually stopped bowling altogether. I have not bowled for more than fifteen years now, but believe you me, I think I can still throw a few mean Strikes..........

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